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Can You Actually Motivate Anyone? 2


Can You Actually Motivate AnyoneEveryone knows that one person who just doesn’t try. Their lives are a mess, but they won’t take any steps to change it. They consistently make bad choices and find themselves in trouble, digging the hole deeper and deeper. Sometimes they have mostly positive lives, but there is one element that makes them unhappy that they could fix, but just won’t do so. continue reading »

Smokers, Here’s How You Can Live Longer – and It Doesn’t Involve Quitting Nicotine! 5


Regular cigarettes are well known to contain almost 4000 chemicals, many of which are dangerously carcinogenic and known to cause a range of diseases. The life expectancy of smokers is also well known to be much shorter as a result of their addiction. continue reading »

Staying Active with Limited Mobility 2


We all know that diet and exercise are vital elements of good health. No matter what the current “fad diet” is, or how advanced video games become, health care professionals still agree that maintaining a balanced diet and participating in a safe and productive exercise routine give you the best chance of being physically and mentally healthy. continue reading »

3 Quick Meals from around the World 1


One of my favourite things about traveling and going on holidays abroad is the food choices and the difference between foods abroad and your home country.

Geographically, the food is available in your country tends to define the recipes used in your traditional diet, with the import of foods from other countries we have seen ingredients that were once seasonal be available all year around which I suppose has enabled us to have varied diets during all seasons of the year we can have a salad a curry or good old sausage and mash with onion gravy. continue reading »

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