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Turn Your Home Into A Bite-Size Gym And Never Miss A Session Again 0


When was the last time you could be bothered going to the gym? It’s a great place if you have lots of free time, but when you work long hours and have a family to look after you can’t just drop everything to exercise. You will begin to regret it as you get older. Eventually the years will catch up with you. It’s important to stay healthy and look after your body. Take a look around at all that empty space in your house. Do you know what you should do with it? continue reading »

How Does A Working Mom Find Time For Exercise? 9


There are many women that have decided that they need to stay home to care for their children as they grow and they have found that they can work from home and still care for their little ones. They work when the kids are in school or are down for a nap and are able to help contribute to the income for their families. They are very busy, between work and the kids and often find it difficult to fit in a work out. This does not have to be the case. There are ways that a mom can fit it into their lives, they just have to make the effort. continue reading »

Amp Up Your Exercise! 3


Amp Up Your Exercise!

So you’re a gym rat, but you aren’t quite seeing the results that you wanted to, or maybe expected to? You’re running, you’re lifting, you’re doing yoga – but maybe you aren’t prepping your body the way that you should be in order to really reap the benefits, and feel the impact. continue reading »

Why You Need a Home Gym if You’re Serious about Getting Fit on a Budget 10


Do you sometimes feel anxious at the thought of working out next to the fitter guys/gals down the gym? Sick to death of waiting in line for machines?

Does a busy schedule make it difficult to get to the gym? Do you hate the daily gym commute? If any of this sounds like you then working out at home is best thing you can do for your fitness goals.

There are tons of benefits to working out in your own home gym, some of which are: continue reading »

The 3 Best Ab Exercises Of All Time 16


If you’re looking to get six pack abs, knowing what the 3 best ab exercises of all time are will help you accomplish this goal quickly.  When doing your ab workouts you want to focus on instability, total ab engagement, as well as added resistance, so any exercise that accomplish one or more of these objectives will work incredibly well. continue reading »

Sticking To an Exercise Plan 19


Sometimes we just can’t help it. We see the latest fat-burning gadget on a late-night infomercial, and we just can’t help but think that certainly [Vaguely Recognizable Celebrity] would never let me down.

Certainly if they are willing to put their name on this product it must be the best way for me to get rid of belly fat, and fast. Certainly this will work better than the stationary bike, treadmill, and ab muncher/cruncher/slicer ever did. continue reading »

Home Exercises for Women 27


home-exercises-womanToday, when there are so many responsibilities and social roles women play, not many of them have time to take care of themselves and their health. However we all know that any woman cannot accept the fact that she is not beautiful.

It is a common practice for people to think that most workouts can be done only in gym. But that is not the whole truth. In fact, you can workout whereever you feel comfortable. continue reading »

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