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The Health Risks of Energy Drinks 2


Whether it’s famous athletes or camera-hoarding socialites, energy drinks are endorsed every day by celebrities all over the world. So what motivated you to buy your first energy drink? Was it the bright, colourful packaging? Your favourite footballer on the front of the bottle? Maybe it was the actual taste and the way it made you perform? Whatever your reasons, energy drinks have a variety of misconceptions, and the majority of health risks are ignored despite the research to the contrary. continue reading »

The Many Benefits of Red Wine 1


There are a lot of different types of wine available today but the one that is most popular is the red wine. Red wine is made by fermenting different types of grapes, which is known to have a lot of health benefits.

As early as 3150 BC, red wine has been used to cure infectious wounds and fever. After many research, experts believed that if taken in moderation (five ounces for women and ten ounces for men), it could provide a number of health benefits like: continue reading »

Healthy Eating With A Slow Cooker 11


It’s Been A Long Day

How often on the way home from work do we feel the urge to buy fast food? Whether it is quickly popping into Burger King, or picking up a sandwich or ready meal at the local supermarket, it is something that is very easy to do when we have had a tiring day and the last thing we want to do is go home and cook. How you long for the energy you have in the mornings when you are up ultra early and ready to burst out of the door with a lot of time to spare!

There is a way to make the most of this energy and also motivate you in the afternoon. Knowing you are heading home to a tasty, wholesome meal gets rid of the afternoon crash pretty quickly and puts an extra spring into your step. Whether it is tasty Italian recipes that grab your attention or something more Caribbean and spicy, say goodbye to the unhealthy splurges that tiredness often bring. continue reading »

Eat Your Way To More Energy 10


Do you feel lethargic and sleepy towards mid-afternoon? The chances are your energy level is low because of incorrect eating habits. What you eat as well as when you eat directly influences your available energy and whether you will be alert and functioning optimally.

Start with breakfast

The first thing to do to ensure that you are energised properly for the day ahead is to have a proper breakfast. A donut and coffee might be easy and make you feel good for a while, but the sugar and caffeine high is sure to fade rapidly and suddenly, making you feel tired. The ideal breakfast consists of protein such as fish or eggs, a small portion of carbohydrates such as a slice of low glycaemic index seed loaf, green tea and some source of mono unsaturated fat, such as nuts or avocadoes. This should be a large meal to prepare you for the day. Oatmeal is also a good choice for breakfast; it keeps your blood glucose level constant because of the high fibre content. continue reading »

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