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Asbestos Information In The Palm Of Your Hands 11


Exposure to asbestos in the workplace is one of the scariest prospects for workers and obtaining information about symptoms quickly can help with early diagnosis.

There are many cancer apps on the market designed to help patients recognize symptoms and guide them through the cancer treatment journey back to health, and asbestos disease/illness is covered.

The idea of using an app to guide you through serious illness might take a bit of getting used to, but the government has recently released details of its plans to allow GPs to prescribe apps to help patients manage their conditions and obtain information quickly and easily. continue reading »

Keep Your Skin Healthy By Avoiding These Bad Acne Habits 12


We’ve come a long way from the time when people used to believe that eating chocolate cause acne. There are still a few myths and misconceptions that surround the topic, but the picture has cleared up a little. We know more about acne than ever and there are numerous treatments options for you to try. But no matter which direction you go, it’s important not to accidentally make the situation worse yourself.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to acne treatment. Whether it’s a lack of patience or general education, there are huge mistakes and bad habits that can increase the likelihood of breakouts. Here are some things you should be aware of so that you don’t limit your own possibilities for getting clear skin in the future. continue reading »

How to Stop Sickness Ruining the Trip of a Lifetime 0


Here are some great tips gleaned from doctors and medical experts around the globe to help prevent sickness when traveling. Following these general guidelines while on vacation can help you to stay active and healthy and enjoy your time away to the full. continue reading »

Women’s Fitness: Lose Weight the Healthy Way 11


It’s a given fact that women are more pressured to look good over men.  In high school, an overweight male can pass up for a football player, and excel in it.

Because of his popularity in the sport, his weight issues are overlooked.  On the other hand, chubby high school girls are rarely admitted to sports teams or cheer-leading squads.  Instead, peers usually make fun of her weight.   continue reading »

Treating Your Child’s Sore Throat and Keeping Your Sanity 3


You never want your kids to be in discomfort or pain. Sore throats are just one of those childhood ailments you need to be ready to deal with.

Make no mistake, a sore throat can mean very bad news for a young child’s health. If left unchecked, viral infections can cause immense pain for both your child and you as well. Just as often, however, minor throat pains can add up to be much more than minor pains in the life of the parent as well. continue reading »

ICU Getting Better a Lot Faster 0


daily physiotherapy led to better post-discharge functionThe traditional setting of an ICU ward, with the velvet hush of time suspended, and eerie green lights and snaking tubes and wires inside every dimly-lit cubicle, may soon be but a memory. The ever-present slurp, exhale of the life-giving ventilators may soon give way to more of the clack, slide, of walkers and the quiet, gentle murmurings of physical therapists. According to Forbes.com, referring to an article in HealthDay News that originally appeared in The Lancet Online, studies about the benefits of exercise critical care patients are being done to give more hope to the loved ones and medical care givers of critically ill patients in ICU. continue reading »

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