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Turn Your Home Into A Bite-Size Gym And Never Miss A Session Again 0


When was the last time you could be bothered going to the gym? It’s a great place if you have lots of free time, but when you work long hours and have a family to look after you can’t just drop everything to exercise. You will begin to regret it as you get older. Eventually the years will catch up with you. It’s important to stay healthy and look after your body. Take a look around at all that empty space in your house. Do you know what you should do with it? continue reading »

How to Maintain a Fit and Strong and Slim Physique With Lifestyle Choices 1


Staying fit and healthy is not just a matter of going to the gym a few times a week, or of choosing not to eat a second chocolate biscuit after dinner. Rather if you really want to get into shape then you need to make sure that your whole lifestyle is conducive to burning calories and keeping them off. continue reading »

How To Construct Your Own Gym Equipment 0


If you want to get into great shape then having you own gym equipment rather than having to travel to the gym to workout is one of the very best ways to make sure that you put the time into your workouts and aren’t constantly making excuses. The reason for this is that by working out in the gym you force yourself to have to go outside – possibly in the rain or the cold – and this also means taking up more time as you have to add on the amount of time it takes to travel onto your workout time. continue reading »

How To Create a Home Gym With a Difference 3


One of the most exciting and useful home improvement projects available to us is to build ourselves a gym. Using a home gym we then have the ability to train from the comfort of our home which of course has the effect of instantly ensuring we are more likely to work out when we’re tired or have had a long day and don’t fancy driving to the gym. At the same time when we create a home gym we are creating a space that will look very cool – filled with unusual looking machines – and that we can use as a place to get away from it all and work through any stress. continue reading »

How to Get Your Hair Back in Shape Quickly After the Gym 4


No matter what time of day you decide to visit the gym, you will always experience the same problem after your workout session has ended and that is…what can you possibly do to make your hair look at all half decent?  continue reading »

People You’ll Meet in the Gym 3


When you go to the gym you will often find yourself accosted by a number of characters. While the gym is a very mainstream activity these days, it is also still home to some people who are perhaps a little obsessive, and is also a watering hole for many singles who view it as a bit of a meat market or just a place to flex and improve their egos. continue reading »

Five Things That Will Stop You Attending The Gym 1


It’s common knowledge that most of us want to go to a gym – after all, we all want to be fit, healthy and with a body to die for. But the fact of the matter is – most people who join a gym cease attending after a relatively short time. continue reading »

Why You Need a Home Gym if You’re Serious about Getting Fit on a Budget 10


Do you sometimes feel anxious at the thought of working out next to the fitter guys/gals down the gym? Sick to death of waiting in line for machines?

Does a busy schedule make it difficult to get to the gym? Do you hate the daily gym commute? If any of this sounds like you then working out at home is best thing you can do for your fitness goals.

There are tons of benefits to working out in your own home gym, some of which are: continue reading »

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