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Foods To Avoid When Trying To Gain Muscle Mass 3


no-drinks-no-ice-cream-signsIf your fitness goal is to gain lean muscle mass, regular strength training to progressively challenge your muscles is essential. Most people trying to gain muscle mass understand this basic concept and do a good job at either completing higher reps lifting weights or doing body weight exercises.

But strength training is only one part of the equation necessary to build muscle mass. And too many people ignore the nutritional part of the equation to gain muscle mass. There are foods for muscle gain, and then there are foods you should avoid. continue reading »

Surprising Ways People Gain Weight 10


surprising-weight-lossPeople gain weight all of the time and there obvious ways that they do this, such as overindulging, eating through boredom, depression and just general bad eating habits. The problem with this is that everyone knows about them already. What are the ways people gain weight that are surprising more than anything else?

No Sleep?

Sleep is something that most working people do not get enough of, there is no doubt about this. continue reading »

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