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If Disaster Strikes: Better Be Fit for It 0


Pandemic, volcanic cataclysm, impending starvation, there are so many things that can befall us all. About the only thing any of us can do it control what we can. We are puppets in a much larger play, don’t you know? Staying fit, eating right, making sure our families do, these are things we can control. continue reading »

Picture This: 5 Famous People Who’d be Better with Laser Eye Surgery 16


Some people’s identities appear to be based almost entirely on their glasses. So what would happen if these 5 famous corrective lens wearers ditched the frames and opted for laser eye surgery? Herein, we explore their (surprisingly clear) alternative futures. continue reading »

5 Steps To Keeping A Healthy Heart 6


One element of health that some people look over is what they can be doing in order to keep a health heart.  In a world where everyone wants to fit in a size 5, many often forget the true reason for making improvements in their diet and activity levels – to stay well throughout life.

If you take the following 5 sets to keeping a healthy heart, you’ll not only promote a healthier heart, but at the same time also help to achieve a healthy body weight as all will follow along with that goal as well. continue reading »

Getting Six Pack Abs While Having Fun 21


six-pack-absSix pack abs, the most sought out figure by many people today. Some want to have that slim abs, others want that washboard abs or the chiseled abs. Regardless of what others call it, they are all pertaining to one common goal, and is encountering a common struggle.

That is, to do Ab exercises that almost all people hate. However, there are ways that can be done in order to do that exercise, and having fun in the process. continue reading »

Fun Activities that Just Happen to Promote a Healthy Weight 3


fun-weight-lossIt can take a lot of time, energy, funds, and mental anguish to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, those exercise DVDs can get old and walking or running can only go so far toward accommodating your fun-loving personality. Going to the gym or repeating the same neighborhood routes can cause mental fatigue that works against your motivation to lose weight and stay healthy. Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring, so try some of the following ways to have fun with your active lifestyle. continue reading »

Treadmills + Creativity = Fun! 4


Some ad campaigns are just brilliant. Why waste thousands on mediocre advertisements if you can spend just as much money on creative approach.

Nike ad campaign promoting their treadmills is one of those campaigns that just can’t help inspiring.

They have placed interactive billboards around the world. In each billboard anyone could run a built-in treadmill. For every kilometer run, Nike promised to donate a certain amount to UNICEF. Fun, no? continue reading »

Fruit Erotica: 20 Hottest Fruit Photos 7


I honestly don’t know if this collection is going to motivate you to stick to a diet consisting of more raw fruit and vegetables or not.

I suppose impersonated fruit can even make you feel weird when eating it, but I just couldn’t stand the temptation to share he list with you.

So here we are: hot and sexy fruit and vegetables – believe it or not!

1. Hot peach:

Hot peach

Img by
continue reading »

How to Enjoy Your Keeping Fit 2


I figured that was a great idea to start this way listing most fun ways to keep fit because that’s the point of this resource: to show you how to enjoy your workouts and healthy life style.

So here we go: only those ways you will enjoy! continue reading »

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