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Why Karate Is The Perfect Family Activity 0


karateIt is on virtually every news station and in every magazine, newspaper, and Internet blogging site: America has an obesity problem! This probably doesn’t come as much of a shock to those of you who witness extremely heavy individuals on a regular basis. Even more disturbingly, the rate of obese children is rising at an incredible rate. If only there was an activity that could bring the whole family together. Wait! There is! It’s called karate and it not only promotes improved fitness, self-defense skill, and self-confidence, it’s a whole lot of fun and can be enjoyed by all ages. continue reading »

More Uses for Your Dumbbells (That You Might Not Have Thought Of) 0


If you only buy one piece of home equipment for your home gym you should certainly make sure that it’s dumbbells that you opt to go for. Dumbbells are by far the most versatile and multi-functional items you can add to your equipment and some variation of almost all of the basic exercises can be performed using dumbbells (and preferably a bench too). There’s certainly no muscle group that you can’t reach with dumbbells and this makes them vital possessions for anyone with a passing interest in fitness. continue reading »

There is No ‘Truth’ In Fitness 0


I spend quite a lot of my time browsing around fitness forums. Technically it’s procrastinating and I’m really under no illusions of this fact. However it’s a productive form of procrastinating because I genuinely tend to learn a lot from it and I find some interesting topics to write about too. continue reading »

8 Features Of Crossfit Shoes That You Should Look Out For 1


There are very many types of shoes in the market, and most of them have their unique function. A crossfit shoe is a kind of shoe that is used in the crossfit exercise program. continue reading »

Climb Off the Pounds 6


Losing weight is hard: the dieting, the hours at the gym and the guilty pieces of cake. The reason many people find it to be so hard to drop even just 5 pounds is the monotony that comes with dieting and exercising—treadmills just aren’t the exciting. continue reading »

Getting Fit with Your Kids – Keeping In Shape 8


A lot of the time it can seem hard to find the time you need to keep yourself healthy. We are often being told that, if we want to live a long life, we need to have regular exercise. continue reading »

6 Signs You Need to Get Fit 4


Ok, 2012 has come and so have the New Year’s resolutions.  Have you stuck to any of those resolutions to date?  Are you thinner?  Did you stick with that exercise program you promised yourself you would? Are you feeling great and getting back into shape?

It is so difficult to make changes for the better when life is just so busy and the kids need new shoes, work is challenging and you are just exhausted when you get home from work.   continue reading »

10 Reasons You Need a Fitness Assessment 7


Are you wondering if need a fitness assessment? It all depends on how active or inactive you are in your life. Being fit is very important for our bodies because exercise helps the blood to flow in the body and helps to fight against illnesses and some diseases. continue reading »

5 Smarter Ways to Fitness 4



Fitness is important, not just when you’re into sports or a professional player, but also because it’s an essential aspect of a healthy life. When you’re not fit, you have trouble moving around efficiently and going about your daily routine without succumbing to fatigue even though you haven’t exerted yourself.

The trouble with getting fit however is that most people associate it with hours of exercise; they either don’t have the time or they’re not inclined to sweat it out just for the sake of fitness. What people don’t understand is that fitness comes to those who are smart and know how to take every possible shortcut to get there. So if you’re looking for fitness, here are five smart ways to achieve it: continue reading »

Should You Bother Keeping Fit On Vacation? 6


vacation fitnessMany people worry about losing weight before they go on vacation and to a certain extent I understand this. Why on earth wouldn’t people want to shed a couple of pounds so they can fit into last year’s bikini? The problem comes when people take things further and actually watch what they do and eat when they are on vacation and there are both positives and negatives to this. continue reading »

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