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There is No ‘Truth’ In Fitness 0


I spend quite a lot of my time browsing around fitness forums. Technically it’s procrastinating and I’m really under no illusions of this fact. However it’s a productive form of procrastinating because I genuinely tend to learn a lot from it and I find some interesting topics to write about too. continue reading »

5 Lesser Known Communities That Can Help You with Your Exercise and Fitness Goals 5


Internet is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, especially the social networks. The big wigs like Facebook are witnessing a nonstop growth in their user base while the new ones continue to take the World Wide Web by storm. But with the growth, more and more people are seen voicing their disapproval for these networks. Reason? Because a vast majority of these networks hardly serve any real purposes, except allowing people to keep a tab on their friends and family members, or simply sharing random stuff with each other.

But that’s because most of these critics are not aware of the online communities made with a focus, for example the support groups and fitness communities focusing on people looking to lose some weight and stay fit. Once you become a part of these communities, you will be getting a lot of advice, motivation, and inspiration to break the shackles and reach your goals sooner than later. Following is a list of five communities buzzing with the fitness enthusiasts that will help you meet your weight loss targets. continue reading »

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