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Is the Lack of Sleep Making You Fat? 0


shutterstock_103062962Everyone says that sleep deprivation is not good for you. Have you ever wondered why? Many people with sleep deprivation have experienced the exhausting run down feeling. Some of my colleagues complain that they sometimes doze off even when they’re supposed to sit straight in the office chair.  continue reading »

Which Fats You Still Need To Eat When Cutting Down Your Weight 1


In life, this is generally my guiding principle, which is ‘if it existed before man, then it is necessary for life’! this means one thing, that the proponents of ‘no fat diet’ are simply least in my reading list.

In fact, I dare say that they need to be sued because they endanger the life of others by teaching the wrong thing. Whether you agree with me or not, its matter of how much facts on the human body’s fat needs you have. continue reading »

Diet and Medication Tips for a Healthy Heart 35


Recent statistics reveal that more than 700,000 people die of cardiac arrests annually in the US alone. That is roughly 1 in every 4 deaths in America, and given our recent bouts with obesity and fast food diets, experts are predicting higher numbers within the next few years.

The fact is that the heart is the center of our being and when this is impaired, our general health is destroyed. This is why health care professionals have been incessant in warning the public on the dangers of heart disease. continue reading »

How To Lose Stomach Fat – By Eating Fat! 23


If you have the goal to lose stomach fat, one thing that you very likely are doing is really restricting back on the total amount of fat that you’re eating on a daily basis.  In fact, some of you may have adopted almost zero fat diets in the quest to lose stomach fat quickly.

But, is this really necessary?  Should you use a zero fat diet to help melt the fat off your belly? continue reading »

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