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How To Look Your Best 0


looksEveryone wants to look their best. We know we can’t look like James Bond or Wonder Woman all the time, but as long as the inconvenience isn’t excessive, we all want to maximize our appearance. Many people make the mistake of thinking that this desire is purely sexual or romantic and geared toward finding potential partners. While the drive to attract a partner certainly plays a large role, personal appearance plays a role in every interaction we have. People tend to be subconsciously drawn toward more attractive individuals, whether it’s in the context of business, networking, leisure, or even basic friendship. Most importantly, when you feel like you are looking your best, you live with a much higher level of confidence, and this confidence influences everything you do and everyone you meet. continue reading »

Straight from the Catwalk: Fashion for Spring 4



Spring is a time of new beginnings and the fashion world is no exception. Neutral is big news at the moment with whites and creams stealing the catwalk shows, especially at Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. From dresses to accessories, simple, light hues were the central focus, adding a romantic, unfussy touch to the catwalk shows. continue reading »

Ethical Fashion 1


ethical fashionModern world is a world of awareness. People are getting more and more aware of the things. Globalisation and industrialised growth has benefited the customers by providing them with clothes, shoes, and other accessories at comparatively low prices. But the ethical fashionists strongly disagree with this. According to them, there is still some price which is not visible on price tags but we do pay it. It involves exploitation of the labour.

Industrialists cut down the pays of its labour in order to sell the products at a cheaper rate to win the competitive world. Children are also hired as labour as they demand lesser rates. Many factories are being set up. And the factory waste in the form of used chemicals and toxic wastes are dumped into open seas. These toxic materials in turn cause the marine life to die out slowly. continue reading »

What Should Ladies Not Wear? A Mans Perspective On The Latest Women Styles 3


No matter how much women keep emphasizing that their style statements have nothing to do with men but more with self-recognition; the glaring fact that major part of their routine is for men, cannot be ignored. For all the ladies out there, if you really want to take your relationship to the next level, below are the top five absolute-nots for you. Since these must-avoids are coming from the perspective of majority of the men out there, its better you play safe and dress up in a way that appeals your partner.

Face Piercing

To begin with, ladies, do not stuff your face with what seems to be like a nails. Yes, I mean the lip and cheek piercing and all other that you can think of. If you are too eager to have a piece of metal in your body, then do it at the right places instead of creating a metal abstract art. And by putting up metal studs and rings here and there, you would only end up like a musician making music out of the random lines. Do not think you look “phat.” You do not. continue reading »

How Your Handbag can Help Promote a Healthy Lifestyle 5


healthy-handbag-dietHealthy college student. What an oxymoron, right? A lot of times, students tend to take on more than they can handle. I’m one of those people. Some call me crazy; I call it ambition.

Last year I spent my days being a full-time student, my mornings and afternoons doing before and after school care at an elementary school, my nights and weekends waitressing and the in between times being an editor for my school paper. continue reading »

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