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Top Tips for Exercising When Pregnant 14


Pregnancy brings so many changes that, when you’ve all sorts of important things to think about, maintaining your regular fitness regime is probably one of the last things on your mind. continue reading »

Exercise Overkill: Are you Overtraining? 10


Exercising can be addicting. Many fitness buffs get a “rush” of adrenaline when they work out. They live by the motto of “No pain, No gain.” Scientifically, this slogan is accurate because the process of muscle-building requires stressing muscles to their limits, which causes micro-tears.

The body responds to this stimuli by feeding more nutrients to the muscle, which eventually results in a longer, stronger muscle. Unfortunately, if people overtrain, they might suffer any number of symptoms, including chronic fatigue, headaches and injuries. continue reading »

Take Your Exercise Routine Outside 13


Warmer weather pulls many people outside with smiles and enthusiasm. Higher temperatures and clear ground enables transferring many indoor exercise routines into the great outdoors with minimal changes to basic routines. continue reading »

Couples Should Keep Fit and Healthy Together 8


The word endorphins seems to be one of the buzz words within well-being lifestyles, and it’s for good reason. All of us contain natural feel good chemicals commonly known as endorphins, and when these chemicals are released it makes us feel a sense of euphoria and can greatly influence our outlook on many things.

If you and your partner worked on releasing these endorphins collectively, on a regular basis, absolutely everything in your lives will be positively impacted. continue reading »

The 3 Best Ab Exercises Of All Time 16


If you’re looking to get six pack abs, knowing what the 3 best ab exercises of all time are will help you accomplish this goal quickly.  When doing your ab workouts you want to focus on instability, total ab engagement, as well as added resistance, so any exercise that accomplish one or more of these objectives will work incredibly well. continue reading »

Exercises That Will Lead to a Cellulite-Free Body 13


Cellulite-freeCertainly, cellulite is not a good sight to behold, especially if you are looking at the mirror at your own body. It can also be a cause of low self esteem during your beach escapades, especially if the affected regions, such as the thighs and arms, are always exposed. Cellulite refers to the topographical changes in the skin commonly found among females in the post pubertal phase. continue reading »

Home Exercises for Women 27


home-exercises-womanToday, when there are so many responsibilities and social roles women play, not many of them have time to take care of themselves and their health. However we all know that any woman cannot accept the fact that she is not beautiful.

It is a common practice for people to think that most workouts can be done only in gym. But that is not the whole truth. In fact, you can workout whereever you feel comfortable. continue reading »

Tips to Slim Down Your Neck 12


slim-neckIf you have a sagging neckline, you are probably wondering if there are exercises to lose weight in your neck. It is advisable that you start exercising in a way that your whole body ends up looking toned as you lose weight.

There are a few simple exercises that you can do to stretch and tone the muscle and skin around your neck. This will allow you to shed fat in that area. Remember that these exercises are meant to work out different parts of your body as they tone down your neck. In addition to exercising, you must eat healthy foods such as lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

Here are a few tips on how to exercise and lose weight in your neck. continue reading »

Getting Six Pack Abs While Having Fun 21


six-pack-absSix pack abs, the most sought out figure by many people today. Some want to have that slim abs, others want that washboard abs or the chiseled abs. Regardless of what others call it, they are all pertaining to one common goal, and is encountering a common struggle.

That is, to do Ab exercises that almost all people hate. However, there are ways that can be done in order to do that exercise, and having fun in the process. continue reading »

How to Get Fit For Your Wedding 1


As the bride to be, there are so many things to think about before the big day.

Fit For Your WeddingAll the preparations, your dress, your hair, your make-up. But what’s the first thing every woman thinks about when they start to plan their wedding? Simple. How am I going to get fit by the time I get married?

Being the center of attention for a whole day and having hundreds of photos being taken that will become memories for the rest of your life serve as brutal motivation to get in shape. This is the moment you want to look your best and most beautiful, and we’ll help you figure out how. continue reading »

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