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How to Amp Up Your Energy Levels 12


Do you often find yourself feeling tired? You can easily re-amp your energy levels by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Here’s a few tips to help you feel more awake during the day. continue reading »

Energy Drinks and Exercise: A Cocktail to Be Avoided 8


Energy drinks are, to many people, something of a mystery. Though some of the health issues surrounding these beverages have received a fair amount of attention in the media, to a large extent people are still unaware of exactly what it is they are drinking, and the effects this could potentially have on them. continue reading »

10 Reasons to Eat Healthy in 2011 6


Diet and exercise seem to be hot topics every year. Diets are always evolving and companies are coming out with the latest and greatest ways to help people lose weight.

Often times these diets are a bit of a laugh, but one thing that never changes is our need to eat healthy. Most people wake up exhausted every morning to the sound of their alarm clock. continue reading »

Eat Your Way to Energy 1


The main reason people changed their eating habits during the past years was to get more energy. Often times, people would usually wake up, work for a few hours and then grab a breakfast between 8 or 9 am.

When lunch came, anywhere between 2 and 4, they would be already tired and exhausted. And of course, they would always opt for a big dinner. It’s no wonder they were always dragging. continue reading »

How To Lose Stomach Fat – By Eating Fat! 23


If you have the goal to lose stomach fat, one thing that you very likely are doing is really restricting back on the total amount of fat that you’re eating on a daily basis.  In fact, some of you may have adopted almost zero fat diets in the quest to lose stomach fat quickly.

But, is this really necessary?  Should you use a zero fat diet to help melt the fat off your belly? continue reading »

Foods and Drinks that Can Increase Your Productivity 8


What you eat and drink can have a profound effect on your health.  This is something that your mother probably told you when you were small.  But what you eat and drink can also effect how productive you are.

For people looking for an extra edge at work, diet can be a useful tool.  With research and information about foods now more accessible than ever and with a variety of supplements widely available, there is no reason not to use diet as a way to increase your productivity. continue reading »

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