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The Healthiest Drinks for Your Body 1


There are a lot of drinks on the market that claim to replenish your body after exercising or build up your immune system or give you all the vitamins of a full serving of veggies. But if you read the labels of some of those supposedly healthy drinks, you may be disturbed by the high amounts of sugar, artificial flavoring and artificial colorings they contain. So what are the best drinks to keep your body in top health? Here’s a quenching rundown: continue reading »

Is it Wrong to Have Breakfast Before Morning Exercise? 4


This question has probably been around ever since the dawn of man. Most fitness-seekers are agreed that a morning workout is great because the mind and body are fresh and unencumbered by the fatigue of a long day. However, a consensus on whether or not to eat before getting physical is yet to be reached. Some argue that eating before hitting the gym or jogging circuit gives the body the energy it needs to tackle the task ahead; enabling it to accomplish more. Those on the other side of this argument remind them that the aim of exercise is to burn fat and when the body is not given that fuel before the workout, it burns the reserves of fat it has stored to produce energy.Perhaps the best way to discover what is best for you as an individual is by asking yourself a couple of questions: continue reading »

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune 1


Did you know one of the best ways to save money throughout your life is to eat well? Health care spending for obese adults is about 50% higher than for adults at a normal or slightly heavier than normal weight!

Unfortunately, when you head to the grocery store, it can seem like you can’t afford to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy, cost-efficient weight. continue reading »

10 Reasons to Eat Healthy in 2011 6


Diet and exercise seem to be hot topics every year. Diets are always evolving and companies are coming out with the latest and greatest ways to help people lose weight.

Often times these diets are a bit of a laugh, but one thing that never changes is our need to eat healthy. Most people wake up exhausted every morning to the sound of their alarm clock. continue reading »

Experience The Benefits Of Eating Five Meals Per Day 0


There are many benefits to consuming five nutrient dense meals per day over fewer, large meals that are so common in our society. Below is a discussion of several of these benefits. continue reading »

Healthy Food Is Too Expensive: Busting the Myth 6


*This is a guest post by very awesome Heather*

healthy food inexpensiveI hear two things all the time in regards to healthy living and coupon shopping: Either people complain they can’t eat well because it costs too much or they can’t use coupons because they like to eat healthy. I’m here to bust the myths, since my family does both!

Coupons are only for processed junk

This is probably one of the biggest myths surrounding couponing. Sure, you’ll find a lot of coupons for boxed goods, canned goods and snack foods. You’ll also find tons of coupons for health& beauty items, organic foods, frozen foods and, yes, even fresh meat or produce! My girls love when the Cuties coupon comes out – clementines are a huge hit at our house. continue reading »

An Apple a Day Keeps the Beast at Bay 3


Go into the break room of any office or workplace, and you will surely find every manner of chips, cookies, cakes, coffee, and soft drinks. Westerners love food, and we love fatty, unhealthy junk foods more than any other, it seems. It appears that English-speaking peoples have developed some decidedly unhealthy eating habits, exchanging wholesome, fresh food for synthetic, over-processed pseudo-food. Some people tend to snack at work, when they are sitting at a desk performing a monotonous task, while others habitually “munch” while they are at home. People who are trying to quit smoking have a tendency to snack in order to cope with their desire for a cigarette. continue reading »

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