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The Many Benefits of Red Wine 1


There are a lot of different types of wine available today but the one that is most popular is the red wine. Red wine is made by fermenting different types of grapes, which is known to have a lot of health benefits.

As early as 3150 BC, red wine has been used to cure infectious wounds and fever. After many research, experts believed that if taken in moderation (five ounces for women and ten ounces for men), it could provide a number of health benefits like: continue reading »

Energy Drinks and Exercise: A Cocktail to Be Avoided 8


Energy drinks are, to many people, something of a mystery. Though some of the health issues surrounding these beverages have received a fair amount of attention in the media, to a large extent people are still unaware of exactly what it is they are drinking, and the effects this could potentially have on them. continue reading »

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