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5 Weight Loss Diets That are Proven to be Harmful 10


While there are many popular fad weight-loss diets out there, most are just exaggerated and do not warrant any long term weight loss. In fact, many fad weight-loss diets have actually been proven harmful to your body. continue reading »

Can Eating Less Help You Lose Weight? 4


By now it’s no secret that weight is an issue for many, many people in the world. And, while many still struggle to find a decent meal every day, those of us living in the developed world are inundated with food and invitations to overindulge on almost an hourly basis. continue reading »

Best Diets for Weight Loss 29


If you type in “weight loss diets” into Google you will be met with an onslaught of diets claiming to be the best at helping you lose weight. Who are you going to believe? The sad truth is that many today have found that it is easy to prey on those looking to lose weight because we really want it and it isn’t easy to do it alone. We want direction and we want help. Finding the best diet for losing weight isn’t the same for everyone. continue reading »

How HCG Helps You to Lose Weight Naturally 7


Obesity has become a major pandemic in our society today. The increased consumption of unhealthy fast foods that are high in saturated fats and calories coupled with sedentary lifestyles have all contributed significantly to this growing problem.  Most of the developed and parts of the developing world are finding themselves locked in a helpless battle against this growing malaise. continue reading »

Which Fats You Still Need To Eat When Cutting Down Your Weight 1


In life, this is generally my guiding principle, which is ‘if it existed before man, then it is necessary for life’! this means one thing, that the proponents of ‘no fat diet’ are simply least in my reading list.

In fact, I dare say that they need to be sued because they endanger the life of others by teaching the wrong thing. Whether you agree with me or not, its matter of how much facts on the human body’s fat needs you have. continue reading »

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune 1


Did you know one of the best ways to save money throughout your life is to eat well? Health care spending for obese adults is about 50% higher than for adults at a normal or slightly heavier than normal weight!

Unfortunately, when you head to the grocery store, it can seem like you can’t afford to eat healthy in order to maintain a healthy, cost-efficient weight. continue reading »

10 Reasons to Eat Healthy in 2011 6


Diet and exercise seem to be hot topics every year. Diets are always evolving and companies are coming out with the latest and greatest ways to help people lose weight.

Often times these diets are a bit of a laugh, but one thing that never changes is our need to eat healthy. Most people wake up exhausted every morning to the sound of their alarm clock. continue reading »

A Guide To Spotting Genuine Acai Berry Reviews 5


Finding acai berry reviews that are honest and informative can be tricky business. There are a host of substandard products on the market, and even those are hidden between countless dodgy yet convincing looking scams.

Because of this it can be very difficult to establish which acai berry reviews are genuine, and which are simply placed online in order to persuade you to purchase a particular product, or unwittingly sign up to a scam. continue reading »

Women’s Fitness: Lose Weight the Healthy Way 11


It’s a given fact that women are more pressured to look good over men.  In high school, an overweight male can pass up for a football player, and excel in it.

Because of his popularity in the sport, his weight issues are overlooked.  On the other hand, chubby high school girls are rarely admitted to sports teams or cheer-leading squads.  Instead, peers usually make fun of her weight.   continue reading »

Experience The Benefits Of Eating Five Meals Per Day 0


There are many benefits to consuming five nutrient dense meals per day over fewer, large meals that are so common in our society. Below is a discussion of several of these benefits. continue reading »

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