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Dancing Through Life 1


Dancing through life is actually a lot more responsible than it sounds. Dancing is a great way to keep your body and mind healthy; and it’s not just for the young. Studies show that dancing helps sharpen your mind, reduce stress, maintain your figure, stay limber and get out of your comfort zone. continue reading »

Staying Active with Limited Mobility 2


We all know that diet and exercise are vital elements of good health. No matter what the current “fad diet” is, or how advanced video games become, health care professionals still agree that maintaining a balanced diet and participating in a safe and productive exercise routine give you the best chance of being physically and mentally healthy. continue reading »

Fun Activities that Just Happen to Promote a Healthy Weight 3


fun-weight-lossIt can take a lot of time, energy, funds, and mental anguish to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Sure, those exercise DVDs can get old and walking or running can only go so far toward accommodating your fun-loving personality. Going to the gym or repeating the same neighborhood routes can cause mental fatigue that works against your motivation to lose weight and stay healthy. Weight loss doesn’t have to be boring, so try some of the following ways to have fun with your active lifestyle. continue reading »

Tango for Greater Physical and Mental Health! 4


tango weight lossTango for greater physical and mental health!

Dancing is not only fun and a great way to socialize, but is a great way for people of all ages to stay in physically fit! Its been one of the main topics of major medical news stations and channels, that social dancing has become a great way to replace the twenty minutes of brisk that doctors have been recommending for years.

Exercise doesn’t have to be utter drudgery! The amount of calories burnt is directly related to what type of dance you are doing. Tango tends to have the largest range, as you can dance very slowly, but also dance in quite a quick movement. Here is a simple list of calories burnt an hour for most social dances: continue reading »

Fitness Trends are they Worth the Hype? 1


We all understand how important it is to get fit but there are so many different kinds of programs and classes popping up how do you decide which one to choose?

fitness trends After taking the time and consideration to research the numerous options for how to achieve your goals, you will most likely stumble upon a few “Fitness Trends.”

Rather than invoking the proven methods of dieting sensibly and exercising over a period of time, fitness gurus have come up with new and trendy ways to work out. While they may be sexy and fun, are they actually producing results?

Here are a few examples. continue reading »

Exercise and Have Fun with Dance Fitness 4


dance fitnessGeneral meaning of ‘dance fitness’ is quite clear from the words it consists of. Doesn’t it seem familiar to you that some type of physical exercises becomes boring for you in a while and you sole your interest to it because it doe not bring you joy and effect any more? Surely it is familiar to thousands of people. Bore is the reason why so many of us give up going fitness.

We all like dancing. Even those people who claim and think that they don’t like dancing still like, they just don’t realize this fact. If look deeper dancing is also a sort of physical exercises. So, why doesn’t it make us boring? The secret is in music, our inner mood, and in attitude to what we are doing and how/in what manner. In other words the main point here is in combining exercising and having fun. We all know that any job that we like and enjoy will never make us boring and can hardly make us tired, but it can certainly make us happy.
continue reading »

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