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Why Diets Make You Fatter! 0


Many persons wanting to lose weight go one crash diets to lose the pounds only to gain it back and become even fatter than they were before they went on a diet. The reason behind this many times lie in the fact that these crash diets are impractical and way too restrictive. Losing weight is a gradual and long term process if you want real and permanent results. There are no quick fixes. continue reading »

Four Ways That Canadians Eat Better Than Americans 2


While most Canadians and Americans would agree that their two countries are fairly similar, one area where the two countries differ is eating habits. According to a recent study by The NPD Group, Canadians eat better than Americans in the following ways: continue reading »

How to Lose the Excess Body Fat 40


lose fatThis is a guest post

If you hate the way your body looks then it’s time to get serious about reducing fat. Aside from the fact that excess fat around your body doesn’t look great it can also cause diseases such as diabetes and heart problems which makes it even more important to start losing weight.

A common misconception that people have when trying to find out how to lose belly fat and fat in general is that they have to go on a diet. In reality all you need to do is eat healthier which will usually reduce your calorie intake by a large amount. For example, instead of having pizza for dinner you could cook a healthy vegetable curry or instead of a chocolate bar in the afternoon you could swap it for an apple. By doing this you won’t feel like you’re on a diet but you’ll still be consuming less calories. continue reading »

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