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Things You Need Your Breath For 1


The ability to tailor your breathing to your activity and surrounding is a technique which can seriously improve your lifestyle and energy levels. Many people don’t give much thought to breathing – it’s something we take for granted and something we tend to do without really trying. However if we breathe in the wrong way when participating in different kinds of activities – it can actually have a negative effect on our bodies and can make us less energetic.

There are different situations when you should try and alter (or monitor) your breathing though, such as exercise (especially when jogging, running or swimming), singing, stressful situations and even while you’re sat at your desk at work.

What to remember when running or jogging

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The Importance of Keeping Our Body Tension-Free 2


I have heard from Barry Long, a very clear-headed Australian spiritual master, that tension is the past in us not faced-up to.

In a way, I like hearing this statement as it gives me a reason for this unwelcome manifestation and, therefore a direction, it puts me in charge of my life, I stop being a victim as I now have a choice. continue reading »

5 Out of the Box Fitness Techniques 7


When someone decides to get in shape and lose weight they typically join a gym, purchase a home fitness program involving a lot of DVDs and some special equipment or take up a walking routine. There are other ways to stay in shape that are a bit more off the beaten path; few would openly admit to using these techniques but they work and they’re different from the run-of-the-mill methods usually used. continue reading »

Top 3 Ways To Experience Deep Relaxation On A Budget 5


What is relaxing to some may not be relaxing to others. Knowing what makes you relaxed can help you find time to do it more. Getting to sleep can be a chore for at times. Especially when you are so tense that your mind refuses to shut down.

Your muscles are so tight that you toss and turn for hours, just trying to get into a comfortable position. If relaxation is what you need here are five ways to get to sleep faster and you do not have to buy a lot of expensive books, tapes or a CD series to do it. continue reading »

Morning Motivation with Cleansing Breath 6


Cleansing breath motivation Have you ever waken up to realize it was a really hard evening, a too gloomy morning and an overwhelmingly busy day ahead to get up and go running? Have you ever felt you desperately need a new powerful source of motivation?

Here’s a nice tip for you to feel a sudden powerful a surge of energy: cleansing breath. continue reading »

3-Steps Rhythmic Breathing Technique 8


Either when you are running or pedaling your treadmill or elliptical, your breathing technique is crucial for both your stamina and effective muscle training. Here’s one technique you may want to try: 3-3-step breathing runningsteps rhythmic breathing.

This means you breathe in rhythm with your stride every time you step timing your breaths to your foot strikes. You breathe in for three steps and breathe out for three steps: breathing in (one two three). Breathing out (one two three).

Here are some tips to follow the pattern: continue reading »

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