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Top 3 Secrets For Burning Belly Fat 0


Belly fat is, just as it sounds, a layer of accumulated fat that resides above the abdominal muscles. While no area of fat can be targeted specifically and exclusively for elimination, the following tips will help anyone to burn fat, lose weight  and have a more defined, less amorphous abdominal region. continue reading »

Caffeine Cosmetics: Coup or Con? 2


Caffeine seems to be the new “miracle” ingredient in cosmetic products these days – but what products are available on the market right now and is there any real proof that caffeine works? Let’s find out. continue reading »

Is Body Odor Solely A Sign Of Poor Hygiene? 1


Let’s face it, we’re not giving too much importance to body odor, especially since we feel that we can easily deal with this embarrassing problem by taking a shower or brushing our teeth. In fact, many odors are normal in certain situations: just think of excessive sweating during torrid summer days or when you are working out at the gym. continue reading »

Build The Body Of An Olympic Gymnast Using Your Own Bodyweight 1


Have you ever wondered how gymnasts have such fantastic bodies? Every single inch of their body is rock hard. So hard you could bounce a coin of it and it would come back and hit you in the face. You don’t achieve that level by sitting around watching TV all day. They don’t even lift weights and still they have a body everyone dreams of. Do you want one just like them? continue reading »

How Does Body Part Insurance Work? 1


By now the world and its dog know about the seemingly bizarre world of celebrity body part insurance. Mariah Carey reportedly insured her legs for an insane £1billion. While not the most bizarre celebrity body part insurance policy, it’s certainly the most expensive. The notion of celebrity body part insurance is all slightly ridiculous amongst us mere mortals, and appears to be nothing more than a publicity stunt. continue reading »

How to Tone Your Body Without Adding Bulk 7


Once and for all, you’d want to be able to give a sendoff party for one of your worst enemies: flab! It would be sheer bliss if one day, you can finally say goodbye to those upper arms which look like flags when you wave them about. continue reading »

Learn The Strength Training Secrets From The Soviets 16


For many years Russian athletes dominated strength related events, using a carefully concealed secret tool.  This tool is the Kettlebell or girya. Made of cast iron, the kettlebell looks like “a cannonball with a handle.” continue reading »

The Importance of Keeping Our Body Tension-Free 2


I have heard from Barry Long, a very clear-headed Australian spiritual master, that tension is the past in us not faced-up to.

In a way, I like hearing this statement as it gives me a reason for this unwelcome manifestation and, therefore a direction, it puts me in charge of my life, I stop being a victim as I now have a choice. continue reading »

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