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Sweating in Style: A Woman`s Guide to Gym Fashion


2013 is fast approaching and our resolutions to lose last year`s holiday weight has been forgotten. Going to the gym is not always the highlight of the day; especially when you are out of shape and out of style. It used to be that women would have to sacrifice style for comfort and pay top dollar for those unflattering, high-tech fabrics or settle for their husband`s old t-shirts and a pair of sweats.

Nowadays, ladies have a lot more options when it comes to working out in style. Going to gym doesn`t have to be a catwalk but at least women can step on that stair-stepper with confidence.

No matter what type of workout you prefer be it Yoga, tennis, running, kickboxing or striptease classes, working out can now be both comfortable and stylish. Confidence while working out will not only boost your self-esteem but will enhance your performance as well.

There are tons of brands out there that manufacture fashionable gym clothes so that all of their wearers can be both comfortable and self-assured. Leading athletic apparel companies like Adidas and Puma are even partnering with fashion designers like Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen in order to create work out attire for the fashion forward woman.

If you prefer yoga over kickboxing or jazzercise then Lululemon might be the way to go. Although you will pay higher prices up front for Lululemon apparel, it is a worthwhile investment because Lululemon products will last through countless Yoga classes.

Paying for clothes you are just going to sweat all over may seem like a waste but the truth is when you look confident, you feel confident. That is not to say that every time you go to the gym your hair needs to look perfect and your mascara needs to be applied, after all, wearing mascara while sweating will turn smoky eyes into raccoon eyes in a matter of minutes.

If going to the gym seems monotonous and playing a competitive sport is more motivating, you still have options when it comes to sweating in style.

With golf, for example, a certain dress code is expected on the course. Tennis is a little more laid back when it comes to appropriate attire especially now that players aren’t forced to wear all white. Brands like Little Miss Tennis and Adidas offer attire that is both fashionable and functional for the tennis court.

Proper attire isn’t the only thing you need when playing sports. Bags that are able to hold your golf club, tennis racquet, shin guards, towels, cell phone, wallet and everything else you need can also be trendy. We are no longer restricted to ugly nylon duffels.

Many manufactures such as Cortiglia, Jet and many others now offer designer tennis bags with cute prints that double as overnight bags, regular gym bags and even carry-ons. The fashionable styles and prints along with the fact that these bags can be used for just about anything beyond the tennis court, make that investment even more worthwhile.

Sadly, the holidays will come and go and the New Year brings resolutions that often go unfulfilled. This year when we make those goals of losing that extra 20 pounds that we hide with big sweaters, it’s time we stick to the commitment. Give your husband back his t-shirts and save the sweats for sleeping, go out and invest in some fashionable gym clothes and accessories and sweat in style!

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Courtney Sloan is a freelance writer and a college student majoring in mass media but also taking classes in health and fitness. As a tennis enthusiast and a health conscious person, she aims to find helpful information about fitness and wellbeing and share them with the community. 

  • Dee Adams

    I agree. Might as well look great while you’re exercising, sweating away. Cortiglia is one of my favorite looking tennis bags.

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