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Surprising Ways People Gain Weight


surprising-weight-lossPeople gain weight all of the time and there obvious ways that they do this, such as overindulging, eating through boredom, depression and just general bad eating habits. The problem with this is that everyone knows about them already. What are the ways people gain weight that are surprising more than anything else?

No Sleep?

Sleep is something that most working people do not get enough of, there is no doubt about this.

A lot of people can also get around five-six hours sleep without even feeling tired the next day but have they looked at the weight levels? The body of course works best when it has had plenty of rest and sleep and when you do not get enough sleep you may be reaching out for food to help with it.

Many people that cannot sleep will pop downstairs and grab a snack to try and assist them with things and although they may think it helps it would seem that all it does is add to the calorie intake for that day.

Although eight hours a night is the recommended amount of sleep you are supposed to get I feel if you simply added a small amount of time onto your normal night’s sleep you would immediately stop wanting to snack late into the night.

Medical Condition

If you are suddenly gaining weight and you simply have no idea why in that you are still eating the same amount of food and exercising the same then it could be down to a medical issue you are not aware of.

The chances are it is something else but if you are feeling a bit unwell or you have a bad feeling then get straight to the doctors and have yourself checked out.

When I first got Diabetes type 1 I had no idea I had it all but I was rapidly losing weight instead of putting it on so it is worth watching out for weight loss too.

The Menopause

Menopause is a massive change in a woman’s life and when women are going through this the body is changing rapidly. They lose estrogen which can cause the shape of the body to change and this usually results in lost weight from the hip and thigh and a bit more around the middle in the same way that this naturally happens with men. Many women refer to this as the “menopot” area instead of what is usually called the spare tyre.

Too help combat these effects the best advice is to take part in a bit of weightlifting as the muscles around the middle should start to tighten up a bit.

So there you are, just a few ways people put on weight that you may not be aware of, do not despair though as all of these have solutions and can be put right.

Ryan is an internet marketer representing a company that deal with contract hire and sell cars such as the range rover sport 3.0 TDV6. Because of his diabetes he is constantly struggling with weight so it is important to realise the abnormal ways people can put it on.

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  • Tonylease

    Even the more reason for a lie in! It makes sense though: the less time you are awake , the less you can eat!


    I can't believe lack of sleep affects you that much! An early night really pays off!

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  • Bettie Comerford

    Something else should be added to your list: Sitting too much! So for all the couch potatos out there, be warned! You can gain weight by sitting too much, and that is bad news for your future. Yes, we have medical options available to help us get rid of excess fat. But that doesn't mean we should be lax about our health habits!

  • How to gain weight fast

    Very well said about the weight gain. It is always recommended that one should follow the proper diet and good sleep so that you can remain fit and healthy. The points you shared should be taken into consideration.

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