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  • on 02.03.2011
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Sticking To an Exercise Plan


Sometimes we just can’t help it. We see the latest fat-burning gadget on a late-night infomercial, and we just can’t help but think that certainly [Vaguely Recognizable Celebrity] would never let me down.

Certainly if they are willing to put their name on this product it must be the best way for me to get rid of belly fat, and fast. Certainly this will work better than the stationary bike, treadmill, and ab muncher/cruncher/slicer ever did.

And then, within a few weeks of deliver, the fat-burning gadget ends up relegated to the basement right next to the bike, treadmill, and ab muncher/cruncher/slicer, never to see the light of day again.

Still, household equipment like this is still really tempting because a lot of us, for whatever reasons, either cannot or don’t wish to go to a gym and workout where others can watch us. The good news is that there really are ways to get rid of belly fat and get in shape at home, and they may or may not involve an ab muncher/cruncher/slicer.

Diet and Exercise: Can’t have one without the other

There seems to be a new system every day for getting rid of that stubborn belly fat or losing 30 pounds in a month. Some of them are based on a gimmick or some “new research,” but the truth is that losing weight doesn’t have to be all that complex. There is a simple secret to success, and we’ve all known about it for centuries. It’s a simple matter of finding the right balance of diet and exercise.

Some people decide that they want to lose belly fat and begin a regimen of exercises that target only the midsection. On the other end of the spectrum are the people that start radically changing their eating habits to slim down. In fact, the way to find the most success is to put diet and exercise together and develop a sustainable program that you actually enjoy.

In other words, when I say “diet” I don’t mean it in the sense of counting every last calorie, panicking at the site of a Twinkie, and arguing over the value of carbs. I mean it in the sense of the original meaning of the word. The Latin “diaeta” means a “prescribed way of life” and implies that real success is going to come from living healthy, not from “dieting.”

Numbers May be the Enemy

I submit that in our efforts to lose weight and get rid of belly fat at home, we are sometimes defeated by our own goals. We decide that we want to lose so many pounds, or we try to only eat so many calories and burn off so many more, or even lose so many inches around the waist.  When we don’t see the results we want, we can get disappointed which makes it even easier to fall back into our old ways of life.

Perhaps a better number to focus on is not one that deals with size or weight, but length of time. Set goals for diet and exercise for a certain amount of time – say three months – and commit to them no matter what – and don’t focus on the other numbers. And then when it’s all over, if you like the results, you will have more incentive to make those changes a natural part of your new way of life.

Tiffany Miller is a mother of two from the Salt Lake City, UT area. She has recently recommitted herself to getting back in shape with the help of her old friend Chris York at Motivate Fitness.

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