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  • on 21.04.2012
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People You’ll Meet in the Gym


When you go to the gym you will often find yourself accosted by a number of characters. While the gym is a very mainstream activity these days, it is also still home to some people who are perhaps a little obsessive, and is also a watering hole for many singles who view it as a bit of a meat market or just a place to flex and improve their egos.

When you’re the new kid in town it can all be a little intimidating an off putting, but over time you will learn to accept this strange cast of characters, and you might even start to recognize some regulars and universals – which can actually provide you with a great source of entertainment. Here we will look at some of the more unusual faces you might see in your gym.

The Intense Crowd

When you come to the gym you probably do so with a quasi serious intention to get into shape and burn some calories. You come here to get the job done and hopefully on a good day you’ll manage to maintain quite a lot of focus.

Not so these guys – these more intense characters live, eat and breath the gym. They were here when you arrived and they’ll be here when you leave. Mostly they’ll be loners and will be identifiable by their thousand mile stare and their rippling veins. They’ll probably make a lot of noise while they train – perhaps roaring on occasion; and they’ll also get involved in some unusual exercises and boxercise from time to time. These are martial artists, bodybuilders and the outcasts from society. They are also the people who at first will put you off of coming in but don’t worry – they won’t hurt you as they have no idea you’re there.

Poser Women

Wearing some running trousers and a sport bra is a good idea – but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a t-shirt over the top. These women are practically in their underwear and make the gym look like the music video for Call Me. They also cause a lot of injuries as the men on the treadmills forget what they are doing and get thrown backwards through windows and doors and into piles of weights. If they’re not running on the treadmill, they’ll be bending their leg over their head and pouting into the mirror.

Camaraderie Man

A bit of camaraderie is nice in the gym as it can make you feel like you’re ‘all in it together’. However for most of us this isn’t a social visit, and being constantly spoken to can get a little irritating. This person will come over and spot you when you don’t need it, seem to know everyone in the gym, and also seem to never actually do any work themselves. They are invariably in great shape though which is a genuine mystery.


The lurker is someone who waits poised for you to finish with your weights or the treadmill and ignores the social etiquette of the gym. Rather than getting on with something else and so continuing their workout, they would rather wait and stare at you, their eyes boring into the back of your skull until you have no choice but to get off the machine they want and hand it over. If possible try to be strong and not to fold to their will.

Gym Tyrant

This person sees themselves as the alpha male (or female) of the gym. With an incredibly intimidating physique, and the most impressive membership here, they feel they can remove you from whatever you’re doing and use it. This person needs to be stopped, but it takes some guts to stand up to them. Ultimately though just remember – they are only acting out here because they probably don’t get any power in their real lives. When they go home they will often curl in a ball and cry.

Mary Hartman is a marketing head for Sanford YMCA. She likes to provide information on health and fitness and importance of a gym membership with the help of her blog.

  • Spokane Boot Camp

    It is very interesting post and i like it.  No doubt that in gym we met with so many people. Gym is a good place for fitness and exercise. Nice post and i am impressed with it.

  • Boot Camp San Antonio

    Hi Jessy,
    This is my first visit here and great informative sharing in details and I appreciate everything you have done here. You recalled me the time when I joined gym and found weird characters around me. Now they are my gym fellows!

  • Physical Fitness Training

    Funny list, but I've honestly never seen the “gym tyrant” as you describe him.  Usually the biggest, strongest guys in the gym are also the ones who respect the people and equipment – it's like their second home, after all!

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