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How To Protect Yourself From Aging 0


runningAging is an unfortunate current reality of the human condition But, if you’re smart, you can delay it and protect yourself from its negative effects. There’s a lot of doom and gloom out there regarding the “inevitability” of aging, but this has a lot less merit than people often think it does, as long as you keep a few things in mind. continue reading »

5 Natural Ways to Help Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks 1


stretchFirst of all let’s be clear. Stretch marks can’t ever be completely removed. They occur when there’s a tear in the middle layer of our skin; the dermis. This then forms scar tissue. No pills, creams or surgery can do anything about it. Think about it – to remove the scar tissue (such as with surgery) you’d have to replace it with something else, which would create another scar in its place! continue reading »

Using An Injury To Come Back Stronger 0


cat-with-injured-eyeWhether you are a sporting professional or someone who simply likes to keep fit in their spare time you are always at risk of an injury occurring. Often it can be through nothing but pure misfortune and the extent of an injury can impact upon your whole life in so many ways. The exact recovery time is dependent on so many factors and this is why it can often be difficult for doctors, surgeons and physiotherapists to put an accurate timeframe on the situation. When the time does come for you to begin taking part in physical activity again you should treat it as the perfect chance to make improvements in the way you do things in order to give yourself the best possible protection from future problems. continue reading »

Weight Loss for Women – The Tasty Way 0


tasty-weight-lossMaintaining the right weight is a survival necessity that no one can afford to ignore. Some people may manage to lose weight by a diet and exercise regimen over a few weeks or months. But they often hit a roadblock when it comes to maintaining that weight. continue reading »

How Alternative Are You Willing To Go When It Comes To Health? 0


alternative-medicineMany alternative health therapies have become commonly accepted; think of acupuncture, homeopathy and aromatherapy. Not everyone believes in them, dismissing them as quackery, but there are just as many people who swear by them. continue reading »

How To Look Your Best 0


looksEveryone wants to look their best. We know we can’t look like James Bond or Wonder Woman all the time, but as long as the inconvenience isn’t excessive, we all want to maximize our appearance. Many people make the mistake of thinking that this desire is purely sexual or romantic and geared toward finding potential partners. While the drive to attract a partner certainly plays a large role, personal appearance plays a role in every interaction we have. People tend to be subconsciously drawn toward more attractive individuals, whether it’s in the context of business, networking, leisure, or even basic friendship. Most importantly, when you feel like you are looking your best, you live with a much higher level of confidence, and this confidence influences everything you do and everyone you meet. continue reading »

Apps To Help You Lose Weight 2


lose weightWith all the research that is out there, we know that being at a healthy weight and exercising is the best course for our future. Living a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce our risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. With its many health benefits, plus added energy and a more pleasing look, it is no wonder the weight loss industry continues to thrive with business. If you are starting your weight loss journey and feel you need an extra push to help you along the way – it does not mean you need to shell out the big bucks for a nutritionist or trainer. In fact, you probably have everything you need at the tips of your fingers – that is right; your smartphone can provide you with a wealth of information through a number of different weight loss applications. So do not delay, check out these amazing apps that can help you focus even more on being the best you can by getting into the best shape of your life!  continue reading »

Secrets Of Gorgeous Looking Celebrities – And How You Can Look Like Them! 0


Secrets Of Gorgeous Looking Celebrities - And How You Can Look Like Them!There’s a lot of writing out there that condemns celebrity culture and airbrushing for damaging our self-esteem and causing psychological problems like anorexia and bulimia. While I can’t really defend the air brushing (though I’m pretty sure it’s obvious to most people), I feel it’s a little strange to criticise celebrities for looking good and being healthy. After all, isn’t that what everyone is always telling us we should strive toward? While some people might get upset by seeing slim and attractive celebrities, surely others will be inspired to hit the gym? continue reading »

Exercising With A New Piercing: Staying Safe And Staying Fit 0


belly-bars-1One of the most common questions that many people ask when getting a new piercing is whether or not they can resume their normal exercise regime straightaway, or if they need to wait until their piercing has fully healed. This is a difficult question to answer, because much of it comes down to the type of piercing you’ve got and the exercise that you want to do. continue reading »

Look Your Best Now That The Holidays Are Over 0


santa fitnessThe holidays are finally behind us, but did some of that festive “cheer” stick around longer than you’d hoped? Shedding those extra pounds packed-on between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is especially difficult now that the colder winter months have hit.  One thing that most weight loss experts can agree on – losing pounds is a matter of eating less and moving more.  As part of that equation, however, it’s imperative that your body’s metabolism be at its optimum fat burning capacity in order to lose the weight and keep it off.  Often diet and exercise are just not enough.  In order to maximize your body’s potential to burn fat at an accelerated rate, adding the best fat burner supplement to your diet and exercise regime can make all the difference.  continue reading »

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