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Nuts And Fruit – The New Miracle Food


Obesity is becoming a huge epidemic in the developed world. The ease of simply picking up a hamburger from your local fast food location is simply too appealing to many people. However, everyone must understand the consequences of eating poorly, both physically and mentally.

In order to stave off health issues such as heart disease, thyroid issues, and many others, we turn to various weight loss techniques. However, one particular technique is standing out in more ways than one – The idea to eat more nuts and fruit to help weight loss. What’s so strange about this particular technique is that you don’t necessarily have to reduce the amount that you eat, but rather just eat more natural foods.

The way your body functions is fairly simple. Basically, you require approximately 2000 calories a day to perform daily actions. If you consume 1500 calories of food, then your body goes into your reserve, and as a result you lose weight. How many calories you consume usually has to do with your weight and activity level, but this is a fairly solid average.

So how does this explain eating lots of nuts, fruits and yoghurt? Well, these items contain nutrients that are much easier for the body to process. As a result of these natural foods being easier to process, the body can effortlessly retrieve the nutrients and then dispose of the leftovers. In the same light, eating a hamburger can be devastating to your health because the body has such a hard time processing this food. As a result of having difficulty disposing of that hamburger, the body retains much of what you ate.

Eating nuts, yoghurt and fruit can seriously be an immensely useful aid in your quest to lose weight. While the food you eat is incredibly important, it is also absolutely essential that you perform some kind of physical exercise. If you consider the earlier explanation, think about this. If your body is requiring 2500 calories, or even 3000 calories to function as a result of exercise, and you only consume 1500 calories, then you are definitely to lose weight in a very timely fashion. Couple this with eating nuts, yoghurt and fruit, and who knows, you could start seeing results in as short of a time frame as a week!

Losing weight can be a very exciting endeavor, and if you really want to see results, now is the time to take action. So many people have lost weight using this form of diet, and it is an incredibly appealing one. After all, who doesn’t love nuts? The very best part about this diet is that it doesn’t reduce the amount you eat. There is no need to feel hungry, since you can eat your normal amount, but you must try and eat along their guidelines and consume food that is healthier for you. The time to take action is now, and if you want to start looking and feeling great, get out there and eat well and exercise. Within weeks you will definitely start feeling better!

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    Besides, helping lose the beer belly, it also help reduce the risk of gaining water weight because  its low in sodium.

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