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Natural Migraine and Other Headache Remedies


While medical science cannot positively point to a specific cause or a set of causes of migraine headaches, every person who suffers from them just want them to stop. Knowing what triggers your migraine headaches certainly help reduce their frequency and intensity, but when you can’t control your environment, knowing a few self-help remedies can reduce your agony if not stop it altogether.

Reduce Exposure to Your Triggers

Sometimes easier said that done, if your trigger is, indeed, environmental, move away from the strong perfume or into non-smoke-filled area and try to relax. If light sensitivity and nausea accompany your migraines, lie down in a dark, quite area; taking a nap can help as well.

If stress is a trigger, taking short but frequent breaks – with full knowledge and permission by your employer—can help avoid or reduce them if caught in time. Walking or excessive movement could be counterproductive to allaying the onset of a migraine. It might help reduce stress for most, but if you suffer from migraines, sit or lie down instead, allowing the body and mind to more fully relax. Once the migraine onset symptoms have passed, then a short walk might help confirm its passage.

Herbal Remedies

Should you feel a migraine coming, a few natural and safe herbal aids might help. Although not everyone response noticeably to these herbs, most people do to one extent or another.

1. Butterbur: Available commercially most commonly as Petadolex, this herbal supplement tablet should have standardized content. Ask the pharmacist regarding the tablets’ content ratio. If it is sub-standard, look for a higher content.

Because elements of the plant itself can be toxic, do not ingest the plant or parts of the plant in the wild or in non-tablet form. It’s far better to spend a few dollars in a retail environment and be safe than it is to hope the powder you might find is okay

2. Feverfew: Small studies conducted on this herb have shown promising effects on migraines. While widespread medical acceptance is yet to be lauded, primarily due the small number of studies conducted to date, the results are uniform across those studies that have been conducted. Results are better when taken in prevention of migraines rather than a remedy.

3. Peppermint: Direct application of a peppermint oil to your forehead and temples can have a faster affect than eating a peppermint candy, though in a pinch, those can help, too. Peppermint causes a chemical reaction that helps block migraine pain. If you aren’t allergic to the oil or the candy, just a few drops absorbed into the skin, along with the circulation improvement to help relax muscles, can have noticeable improvement in a very short time.

4. Caffeine: If caffeine isn’t a trigger for you, having a quiet cup of caffeinated coffee, tea or soft drink can help any headache pain. Aspirin contains approximately three percent caffeine, coincidentally. If liquid caffeine isn’t available, a quarter of one tablet of a stimulant can help. Allow at least 30 minutes for digestion and response before you opt for more, and always keep additional doses to the one-quarter limit.

5. Magnesium, Vitamin B12 or riboflavin: These, among other vitamins and minerals, are often recommended by physicians and other licensed practitioners. For proper dosage for your migraine severity and physical condition, please consult your physician.

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  • rhinoplasty

    A very informative post.  I have migraine too and your post will be a great help specially the herbal remedies.

  • herbal tea

    Most of the employees and students are suffering migraine headaches due to tress and work loading. A natural remedies is really helpful in this cases which you have shown above.

  • Will@ Fitness blog

    I suffer from migraines never thought of using caffeine will try that next time

  • cancer treatment

    This is a great article.I like this one.This is right that a natural remedies is really helpful in this cases which you have shown above.This is an amazing.Thanks to share this well informative blog.Keep sharing.

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    Iron supplement combines with other nutrients in the blood to circulate the nutrition through the body. Iron is responsible for attracting the oxygen from your lungs to the blood and then passing it all around the body. With out Iron the

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  • topamax recall

    Awsesome share! Having the ability to live with your migraine can be a better therapy but this doesn't mean you have to suffer.

  • bitter melon

    I really appreciated this post because i implement the way suggest in the post to get rid of headache and it works.. I am very thankful to author for this share…

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  • Kava Kava

    Really? Headache is not really easy to handle and I would guess everyone would be keeping these herbs on their pantries to spare themselves from more headache.

  • Restless Leg Remedies

    Headache Remedies depend on many effect like weakness and blood pressure is a basic disease. If you have problems in headache check your blood pressure then you can control it. 

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    Thank you, Jessy Troy, for this post the entire article is helpful. I appreciate it. Magnesium helps maintain blood pressure level in human body. I agree with your suggestion. liquid magnesium supplement 

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  • Wendell Palmer

    Visiting a chiropractor will also help relieve your migraine. Chiropractors claim that some migraine may originate from the spine. It can be a misalignment of a vertebrate that irritates the nerves that travel the length of the spine to the brain. This causes chemical imbalances to the brain which causes the migraine. Chiropractors can alleviate the pain of migraine by relieving the pressure of the inflamed nerves that will in turn relieve the headaches.

  • Darlene Fanning

    Another natural way to avoid headaches and migraines is to exercise regularly, especially the head and neck are. This will improve your blood circulation since stress can be a factor to either slow down, or pump-up circulation. A normal rate of blood circulation is essential to avoid neck pains that lead to headaches.

  • Lavender Oil

    Headache and other stress and strain related problems can be treated most efficiently by the use of the Lavender Oil, it has the great properties and that's why is used in aromatherapy for both mental and physical treatments.
    Other than this lavender oil heals wounds,insect bites and useful in skin burn injuries.

  • Anton Houskeeper

    Good head exercise can eliminate headaches and migraines. Running is also effective since it pumps up the legs. Because the legs are connected to the spine, running can regenerate the spine from its stagnant state. A regenerated spine can allow for better movement of the head and upper extremities. Good head motion equals lesser headaches.

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