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  • on 11.08.2011
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  • by Jessy Troy

Natural Herbs to Improve Skin Health


The market is currently flooded with various products aimed at treating, preventing, or covering up acne. Outside the fact that these products can be incredibly expensive, it must also be recognized that they all come with their own specific ingredients (most of which we’ve likely never heard of) and side effects.

I have come to the firm conclusion that the only way to truly treat acne is to do so from the inside-out. The health of your skin is usually a pretty good barometer over your overall level of health. Certain herbs have been shown to reduce acne levels natural by providing your body with the necessary ingredients to do so. These are natural ingredients that most of will be familiar with. Before you run out to your local store to buy an expensive cream to reduce or prevent the appearance of pimples and acne.

Sarsaparilla РThis herb has been used for centuries by traditional doctors to treat serious conditions affecting the skin such as leprosy and dermatitis. After prolonged periods of use it was also observed that  users experienced a more than noticeable reduction in the presence of acne. The active part of the herb, as far as acne is concerned, can be found in the roots.

Dandelion Root – This herb has traditionally been used to treat a number of different conditions, including acne. The root of the dandelion contains various vitamins and minerals that are effective at treating and preventing acne including vitamins C, B6, and D. Dandelion root is commonly used to cleanse the blood as well which is also suggested to play a role in its acne reducing effects.

Spica Prunellae – This is a very common Chinese herb that has traditionally been used to treat acne. It is one of the most common types of herbs used by the Chinese and should be fairly easy to find.

Calendula – This herb has been shown to be a very effective anti-inflammatory agent reducing redness and the intensity of acne’s appearance. You can find Calendula in fusions, liquids and ointments.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil treats acne by killing the bacteria that kills it. Unlike many other facial creams tea tree oil is very mild, but still effective. This means that it’s not going to cause any irritation or throw the delicate chemical balance of your skin out of whack.

This post was written by Alina Cambridge who works with Acne Centre to give you the best acne treatments.

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