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More Uses for Your Dumbbells (That You Might Not Have Thought Of)


If you only buy one piece of home equipment for your home gym you should certainly make sure that it’s dumbbells that you opt to go for. Dumbbells are by far the most versatile and multi-functional items you can add to your equipment and some variation of almost all of the basic exercises can be performed using dumbbells (and preferably a bench too). There’s certainly no muscle group that you can’t reach with dumbbells and this makes them vital possessions for anyone with a passing interest in fitness.

However, as well as being useful for all the regular exercises, there are also some other more interesting ways you can use your dumbbells that you might not have thought of. To demonstrate just how versatile these things are, here are some of the more unusual things you can do with them that you may not have considered.

Push Up Stands: Push up stands are small raised handles that you put on the floor and then hold while doing press ups. The idea is that this raises you further above the ground so that you can then do lower dips when you’re performing press ups. This increases the range of motion of the press ups as well as forcing you into a more exact technique. But why spend a lot of money on what are essentially plastic handles when you could use dumbbells on the floor opposite each other in just the same way?

Ab Rollers: Ab rollers are devices that you hold out in front of you while on your knees then slide forward in order to stretch your body out and train your abdominal muscles. Again people will spend a lot of money on these machines which are essentially just wheels with handles – but if you put the weights onto your dumbbell (the adjustable ones) lightly, then this can work the exact same way. Just take one in each hand and slide.

Wrist Trainer: You can train your wrists with your dumbbell by taking the weights off and holding either end like handles. Now tie a rope through a weights plate or several and then around the middle of the dumbbell. What you are going to do is to use your wrist and forearm strength to roll the dumbbell so that it wraps up the string and gradually lifts the weight training your forearms as you do.

Mace Ball: A mace ball is a heavy weight on the end of a long stick which you swing around over your head to build compound strength and work your core supporting muscles. You can accomplish something similar with an adjustable dumbbell though again – just take the weight off of one side and load the other end up. Now you can hold it from the light end and swing it around over your head in the same way that you would use a mace ball.

Door Stop: Okay so this might not help you get stronger, but it’s certainly useful. Need to hold the door open while you carry boxes through? Your dumbbell is there for you!

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