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Mistakes People Make to Reduce Weight


Having a healthy and good looking body is something everyone desires. Sadly though our lifestyles has changed a lot in the recent years so much so that we are no more as healthy and strong as our ancestors used to be. Lack of physical activity, fast food which are filled with calories but have no nutritional value, stress, all these ingredients cumulate and create the present health crisis the world is facing.

One of the main health problems nowadays is obesity or being overweight. With more than 70 percent overweight adults in America alone is an indication of how much this problem has proliferated. No doubt there are numerous theories on losing weight and internet is filled with articles on losing weight. Some provide quick fixes for losing weight while some include fitness regime.

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Though many people feel that they manage to lose some weight initially, they go back to their normal self after a few weeks. It is hence quite important to know the proper way to lose weight and be wary of mistakes not to make while trying to lose weight. Some of the common mistakes people make while losing weight are-

  1. Using The Wrong Strategy – Just controlling your diet or exercising won’t be efficient enough. You must find a plan where you use both controlled diet and exercise for losing weight. Also make sure that you are not under stress as it can wash away all your hard work.
  2. Expecting To Lose Too Much Weight – It is neither feasible nor advised to lose too much weight too soon. No doubt some people have lost 20 pounds in a week; it however requires lots of work as well as is considered dangerous for health. Instead aim for little change in due course of time. Losing up to 2 pounds in a week is advised and is quite achievable and healthy.
  3. Not Having A Strategy – Create a strategy for losing weight and stick to it; if you are finding good results with one of the strategies, try to use it more often and if some of them do not work you can always lose one or two of them. Also having a strategy will make sure that you are sticking to the line or at least you know whenever you are deviating from it. Now if you don’t have any strategy then you don’t have a line to stick to and hence more chances of going astray.
  4. Not Having A Measuring Tape – Keeping a measuring tape and taking measurements in regular intervals can provide you with valuable data on your progress which is quite essential for knowing your progress and planning your strategies. On the other hand not having one will devoid you of the essential data about your progress. Also getting yourself weighed in regular intervals is a good idea.
  5. Using Quick Fixes – Many people go for crash diets or Syrup diets, which is based on depriving the body of calories in order to lose weight. Although there are numerous examples of drastic weight loss through these quick fix techniques, they however can cause serious side-effects. Also crash diets although may show effects in short time is short lived and you will gain weight as fast as you lost it.
  6. Not Keeping A Food Diary – Gaining weight is simply intake of more calories than you spend. Hence by keeping a tab of calories you consume, you can make a create a strategy to lose weight quite efficiently.
  7. Being Too Strict – Being too strict with your plan is also not good for you. You may devoid yourself of having the chocolate cake for the 3 month course you are following, but once the course is done, you will be tempted to gorge on your favorite meal the moment you get a chance. Also being too strict with your body may arise various complications which is better to avoid in any case. Hence you can have that occasional high- calorie food once in a while, just make sure to add some extra work out session to neutralize it the next day.

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  • San Diego Chiro

    A clear plan will always help but with proper motivation and the right way of weight loss.  Others sometimes just lessen their food intake but they never exercise.  Yes they lose weight but they don't develop the muscles.

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  • Samantha_212

    Some other options we could take in mind are weight loss surgeries. Surgeries like liposuction and tummy tuck may get you results faster than diet and work outs it also costs more. “The average surgeon’s fees for tummy tuck vs liposuction in 2010 was $5,130 for tummy tuck and $2,884 for liposuction” (source:… So if you do not have a budget for these kind of surgeries, better yet start with a good diet plan and work out program.

  • seen on TV store

    Weight loss is one of the most precise thing that people are doing but only doing efforts are not enough. You have to do exercises in proper way and avoid your mistakes for getting the best results.

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  • Russell Solomon

    People does not get the required result because of the unusual mistakes or can not follow proper guidance from the health experts.

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