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  • on 07.07.2011
  • at 03:26 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

Lose the Gimmick! The Truth about Weight Loss!


Alright be prepared because I’m not going to sugarcoat any of this. First throw away any weight loss pills you have, don’t waste your time or money with them. If you want to lose weight and keep it off you have to change your relationship with food permanently. Weight loss pills are gimmicks, looking for a sucker with money to spend.

I should know they took a lot of my money. The vast majority of weight loss pills don’t work, or will stop working when you stop taking them. And who wants to be skinny for a little while? No one that’s who!

There is something you should know about those pills, only a few are actually tested for human safety. Why, you ask well they are not tested because they are not required to by law. And why spend money on tests when you don’t have to. These companies don’t care about you; they care about your money. Give yourself a break they fool thousands of people every day. The important thing is that you are reading this article and now know the truth. The kicker is that you already know what you have to do. Change your lifestyle.

There is no healthy shortcut to being fit. Sure you could get skinny fast with fad diets and weight loss pills but what’s the point if it won’t last. If you want to be skinny and strong for a long time you have to make long term changes. For optimum health make small changes over time, don’t shock your body and mind by doing a 180. Ease yourself into it; go day by day to start. Before you even make a change write down everything you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it, you may also want to keep a little journal of how you were feeling that day.

You might be surprised when you look back over a week and see how much you eat and how your food intake was affected by your feelings. This is true for men and women. It is much easier to make a goal when you know exactly where you are starting from. Good places to start for most people is increasing the intake of raw fruits and vegetables and decreasing the intake of animal products. The internet is full of false advice so don’t take my word for it, go to and assess you daily intake. This is a government site and a good resource.

Now for the part you have to really learn to love. It sucks at first it really does, and by at first I mean for a long time. Like I said earlier a lifestyle change is a must, which means that while you are losing weight vigorous exercise will be an almost daily activity (I suggest 6 days a week). Once you reach your ideal weight you need to maintain the weight. Stick to the changes you’ve made to your diet and exercise for at least 30 minutes a day at least four days a week (yes that’s more than half the week). That’s why it is important to learn to love exercise! A good tip is to smile while you exercise, its weird but it will make you feel a little better mentally.

You should be hurting physically, but in a good way. Before jumping into an extreme workout prepare your body with two weeks of stretching and walking. This is a slow process and will help you avoid injury. Don’t waste money with useless equipment and more gimmicks. If you are a beginner simply buy a yoga DVD or search the internet for poses. Go through the motions for awhile without weights. Get a Jillian Michaels DVD and take it slow. Jillian has lots of good advices and most of her videos include a warm-up and cool-down session. Both are very important.

Only you can change your body. So drop the fad diet and pills start eating right and get moving!

Nickole Siegman is a regular contributor at – a leading retailer of TymeZyme – an enzyme supplement great for the diets of athletes, seniors, those with “attention deficit disorder” as well as children with “attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”.

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