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Lifestyle Rather Than Simple Exercise Key To Weight Loss For Older Women


women sportsLifestyle Rather Than Simple Exercise Key to Weight Loss for Older Women

For women over the age of 40, effective weight loss requires the adoption of a new way of life. Here is some advice for trainers on how to best facilitate these changes.

Despite the obvious benefits from exercise in terms of health, fitness, energy and mental wellbeing, the primary reason most women over the age of 40 start a workout program with a personal instructor is weight loss. And while men of this age can drop pounds through exercise alone, this is less true for women. Therefore in order for women to see the wanted physical results from exercise, it is vital that the personal instructor coaxes them into altering their diet and lifestyle alongside the personalized routine.

No Quick Fixes

This is unfortunately not the quick fix that clients will promise to at the beginning of the relationship. A client may be able to stick to massive alterations to their diet for a couple of weeks or even a few months, but beyond this, motivation usually waivers, particularly if physical results are not immediately visible.

In order for changes in lifestyle to work in the long term, the obvious objective for both parties, they need to be sustainable. Therefore it is best to start by asking the client to make small dietary changes and to slowly build on these over time so that the client’s lifestyle is gently evolved into one that best allows the fitness regime to work. For instance, start by getting them to refuse second servings at mealtimes, reduce the amount of food on the plate or cut back on snacking in the afternoon. The point is that these changes will seem insignificant on their own. As such the client will be happy with these requests, and the changes will more sustainable in the long term and can be gradually built upon to reach the target diet over time.

Keep an up to date Food Diary

The changes should be monitored will the aid of a food diary in which the client can record the food she eats every day. This has the advantage of being a form of self-monitoring that will force the client to think about what she is eating, as well as a document that can be analyzed to understand problems if things are not going to plan. Furthermore, the trainer should regularly check this diary and ask questions, with this pressure forcing the client to be accountable for her actions.

Losing weight and keeping it off permanently is not a short-term activity and means dropping bad habits and adopting a new way of life, which can take time. Ultimately both the trainer and client are investment in the same objective, and the client will appreciate this strict approach if it means she sees the changes to her shape that she asked for. The upside is that we usually have to spend a little energy in order to gain some, so most people that last the duration are able to stick to the regime, at least in my experience.

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