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Learn The Strength Training Secrets From The Soviets


For many years Russian athletes dominated strength related events, using a carefully concealed secret tool.  This tool is the Kettlebell or girya. Made of cast iron, the kettlebell looks like “a cannonball with a handle.”

When you examine a kettlebell this description truly does fit it.  One can find these in size range from four pounds to one hundred and seventy-five pounds. Typically the kettleball is measured in “poods” which are thirty-five pounds each. What makes the kettleball different then traditional weights is the location of the center of mass.  In dumbells this mass is located at or near the hand.  With the kettleball it extends past the hand.  This is likened to Indian clubs or ishi sashi of which the latter is the most similar. There are variations on this with shifting mass inside the weight also.

One needs to look at how a kettleball is used to see the benefit of training with one. The exercises that are made to be used with this type of weight is called Ballistic exercise.  These movements are done to increase cardiovascular, core strength, and flexibility prowess. Many of the motions are swinging or swing/release in nature.  The areas targeted by the kettleball naturally include the lower back, the legs, the shoulders, and the hands. Because of this, those with back or shoulder problems or who lack good core strength should only attempt using a Kettleball under supervision of a trained expert.

The movements that kettleball exercises are based on mimic many real world activities. This includes shoveling and various farm related tasks.  The exercises engage the entire body, not isolated areas. This is particularly true of the most basic of them: the Swing, the Snatch, and the Clean and Jerk. Knowing this fact only does so much however.  What are the benefits from this type of training?

Those who use the kettleball properly should see many benefits, regardless of gender.  They can increase coordination and boost agility. Because the movements work those core muscles that help with posture there are great improvements in posture and skeletal alignment.  The weight bearing elements increases bone density while the functional movements improve the body in ways that have a daily value.  For those who combine kettleball training with other exercises and sports the benefits include greater efficiency with other exercises, more power and endurance, and reduced chances of injury due to sudden deceleration.

The benefits come at a fairly low cost, because kettleball is a time efficient, low risk, and simple form of exercise.  Because it trains the cardiovascular system and improves strength, balance, stability, power, and endurance all at the same time, one can call kettleball routines time efficient.  Working with an expert trainer at the beginning can ensure that the correct form is used and teach how to pick the right weight for each movement thus making the routine a low injury risk.  This is not a high impact exercise. The movements are simple and the workouts straightforward in nature.  Only a kettleball is needed.

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