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Keep Your Skin Healthy By Avoiding These Bad Acne Habits


We’ve come a long way from the time when people used to believe that eating chocolate cause acne. There are still a few myths and misconceptions that surround the topic, but the picture has cleared up a little. We know more about acne than ever and there are numerous treatments options for you to try. But no matter which direction you go, it’s important not to accidentally make the situation worse yourself.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to acne treatment. Whether it’s a lack of patience or general education, there are huge mistakes and bad habits that can increase the likelihood of breakouts. Here are some things you should be aware of so that you don’t limit your own possibilities for getting clear skin in the future.

Popping Zits – this is the most common solution that leads to temporary results and possible a long-term damage. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but you need to think carefully about what you’re doing. Breaking the surface of your skin and letting all of that pus out can potentially spread infection and aggravate your face at the same time. In short, don’t be surprised if this behavior leads to further breakouts and more complicated situations like acne scars.

Touching Your Face – it takes an incredible amount of self-restraint when dealing with anything related to acne. A lot of people touch their face anyways even if they don’t have blemishes on their skin. But touching your face can spread germs which is a number one contributor to acne formation, and even if you aren’t picking or popping your pimples, it’s best to leave them alone altogether. If you do have to set your face, make sure that your hands are clean.

Too Many Products – finding an answer for acne is not about going out and buying as many products as you can find. There are lots of people who make the mistake of loading up their face with different types of harsh treatments that can have potentially harmful side effects. There are no fast overnight answers which is why you need to be fully aware of the products you use, so make sure that you follow instructions and read the label. Too many products can do a lot more harm than good if you don’t use caution.

Washing too Much – another tactic that seemingly would benefit your skin can backfire if you go overboard. Careful washing is definitely a technique you should develop and a good cleanser is something you need to find. Don’t use overly medicated creams or things that are loaded with alcohol and perfume. There are gentle and natural cleansers on the market that will do the job just as well. Find a routine that works for you so that you can get rid of all the impurities that build up in the course of just one day.

Sun and Smoking – two of the most harmful habits for your face and body include excessive sun tanning and smoking. It’s best to avoid these activities altogether, and you’ll find great benefits for your skin if you do. Some people even believe that a nice tan will help to burn away acne, but all you’re doing is hiding it underneath. And when you’re tan fades, you’ll be left with dryer skin that is likely to be oilier and more prone to breakouts in the future.

Healthy Basics – figuring out how to get rid of acne isn’t just about products, you have to factor in healthy living and taking care of your body on the whole. Every element from your skin to your circular system is connected, and that means taking care of your body will benefit your face as well. Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated, stay active with a good amount of exercise, and try your best reduce stress levels. Get a good amount of sleep each night and take care of proper nutrition so that your body is well-versed and more prepared to deal with problems.

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