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Keep Up The Pace – How To Stay Motivated When You’re On A Diet


fitnessWe all know how diets go… they are kick-started by a huge burst of inspiration and motivation and for the first week or so you’re on a roll. You’re at the gym every day and you’re eating nothing but low-calorie, healthy meals. Your body is a temple! However, fast forward a couple of weeks and everything grinds to a halt. You’re sneaking in the odd cake or donut, you’re skipping gym sessions and you’re consumed with feelings of guilt about that late night kebab (you know, the one you ate right after you downed a bottle of wine). Your motivation dwindles, the diet is forgotten, and you end up no further forward, and probably a few pounds heavier than you would have been had you not bothered. If you are going to subject yourself to a diet then you may as well commit yourself to it, and in this article we are going to tell you just how to do that:

Make It Achievable and Realistic

Let’s face it – if you are going to start limiting yourself to 500 calories a day and then expect yourself to be able to sweat it at the gym for an hour a day, you’re going to fail. It’s a no-brainer. Give yourself achievable targets to meet and you’ll fare a lot better. Allow yourself some treats as if you deprive yourself of all the things that you love you’ll just feel cheated. Figure out what it is you really enjoy and allow yourself a little treat every day (as long as you have stuck to your diet). Set yourself achievable goals and don’t forget to treat yourself when you hit them.

Get Some Company

George H.W. Bush is underway in the Atlantic Ocean conducting training operations.

You will do a whole lot better with your diet if you have someone else that comes along for the ride. Find a friend that is up for getting on the same diet as you, and spur each other on. You could even head to the gym together, or go out for a run together – exercise is much better with somebody else on board. When one of you feels like faltering, just give the other a ring for a much-needed boost of motivation. Having somebody that you can talk to is very good for keeping you on track.

Avoid Faddy Diets


Faddy diets often produce great short term results, but don’t expect them to work for very long. It is very hard to stick to a diet that is too complicated, or that requires you to exclude entire food groups from your diet. Some of the more extreme diets can also be extremely detrimental to your health in the long run. As boring as it sounds, eating healthily and exercising regularly is the very best way to lose weight, and keep it off.

Losing weight isn’t easy, but when you start reaping the benefits of your hard work, you’ll find that the more you achieve, the more you’ll want to continue. Stay on track and that body that you want will be yours.

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