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Is it Wrong to Have Breakfast Before Morning Exercise?


This question has probably been around ever since the dawn of man. Most fitness-seekers are agreed that a morning workout is great because the mind and body are fresh and unencumbered by the fatigue of a long day. However, a consensus on whether or not to eat before getting physical is yet to be reached. Some argue that eating before hitting the gym or jogging circuit gives the body the energy it needs to tackle the task ahead; enabling it to accomplish more. Those on the other side of this argument remind them that the aim of exercise is to burn fat and when the body is not given that fuel before the workout, it burns the reserves of fat it has stored to produce energy.Perhaps the best way to discover what is best for you as an individual is by asking yourself a couple of questions:

What are my fitness goals?

What do you hope to achieve with your training sessions? Are you a professional athlete or are you training intensely for a marathon? This of course means that your training regime consists of more than a jog round the block. Can you handle the demanding hill sprints or squat all those pounds with your tank on E? Some athletes deliberately do the lighter stuff such as cardio in the morning as they prefer training without having breakfast. Others have been doing without breakfast despite taking on relatively heavy routines and are used to training that way. But if you’re not in this category and are just getting started, take caution. Complaints of dizziness and nausea are common among some who have experimented with fasting before their morning workout. Ultimately, you need to listen to your body and do what you can comfortably handle.

If I am to eat, what should you eat before a morning workout?

Some say they haven’t had breakfast until they’ve downed a few slices of toast and bacon besides a bowl of cereals and a couple of pancakes. This, simply put, is not ideal to have if you’re keen on shedding weight in your early morning gym sessions, unless you’re sure you’ll burn more calories than you’ve taken in. It’s much better to have something lighter and nutritious such as grapefruit, oats (porridge) and your shake with your protein supplement; a meal much lower in calorie content yet still gives your body something to work with. And, in giving more ammo to the pro-fasting group, it has been found that scoffing off a high-carb breakfast sets off your body’s parasympathetic nervous system which in essence acts to promote the retention of calories. This is obviously counterproductive to your weight loss efforts.

The conclusion?

Empirical research on the matter is so far yet to be declared conclusive. Both methods have been found to have merits and demerits. Both methods have been found to work for some individuals while proving detrimental to others. To avoid potential health complications and also get the most out of your hours in the gym, listen to your body and adjust your regime accordingly.

What’s your opinion?

Do you prefer to have breakfast before a morning workout and why?

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  • Suzzy Boleche

    I have to eat breakfast before working out. If I don't, I won't have enough energy to get through my workout. Every time I have worked out before eating breakfast, I feel like I'm going to pass out.

  • Niko

    According to my fitness instructor, it's better to eat before working out to have enough energy to continue exercising. And simply you just don't want to be troubled by a rumbling tummy when you are exercising, right?

  • Personal Trainer in Sydney

    Well in my opinion we should take breakfast after morning exercise because exercise is good with empty stomach.  Doing exercise after eating breakfast causes lot of health and stomach problems so it is good to take breakfast later.

  • hospital acquired infection

    Yeah, health instructors are not allowed breakfast before exercise. It is better to take it after exercise because foods can easily digest.

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