Article written

  • on 18.07.2012
  • at 04:57 PM
  • by Jessy Troy

If Disaster Strikes: Better Be Fit for It


Pandemic, volcanic cataclysm, impending starvation, there are so many things that can befall us all. About the only thing any of us can do it control what we can. We are puppets in a much larger play, don’t you know? Staying fit, eating right, making sure our families do, these are things we can control.

For a bit of an informative, seriousness and fun, the infographic below educates and maybe even serves to terrify us with the potential for disaster. While some would call thinking about, “being sensationalist” – the truth is we all need the ability to laugh in the face of disaster, as well as to be cognizant of possibilities.
Check out a rather “Hollywood” informative of epidemic proportions.

5 Public Health Nightmares Facing Humanity
Source: MPH Online

Well, if you are not scared silly by these facts and figures, either you are a super hero or oblivious one. Hollywood disaster movie or insane reality, like we said; “The best we can all do is be prepared for all eventualities.” As a single person, spouse, or as a parent, maybe taking care of the little things is the best we can do? Did that graphic mention Tidal Waves, Godzilla?

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