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Hydrate Your Way to an Allergy Free Life


If you suffer from any kind of allergy, you can relieve a lot of its symptoms by drinking more water. While a lot of people who feel allergy symptoms will simply reach for some kind of antihistamine pill, this is the worst way to relieve the symptoms. Often, they are simply masked for the short term and compounded in the long term by this kind of approach. With a higher level of hydration, however, you can escape the symptoms over the long term and become genuinely healthier instead of merely masking the problems of your allergies.

What Causes an Allergy

Allergies themselves are genetic predispositions to having a histamine response to a certain chemical. While medical science has not determined the exact nature or complete cause of allergies, it is known that they are caused by a histamine response that is designed to protect your body from the allergen. Interestingly enough, dehydration actually plays a significant role in causing the reactions many people experience in the presence of certain allergens.

Much of the population is chronically dehydrated, which socially encourages people to drink very little water under normal circumstances. Because of this lack of water, histamine has to work overtime keeping what water your body has inside of it doing as much as it can.

The Role of Histamine

Histamine is a kind of chemical known as a neurotransmitter, which means it facilitates large chemical changes inside of your body. Much of histamine’s work involves keeping the water in your body doing what it needs to do. As you become dehydrated, your body produces more histamine as a method of rationing the water you have. Histamine also makes you feel thirsty, but unfortunately many people in society simply drink liquids that hydrate far less than water does. Beyond making you thirsty, histamine also has another important role.

Histamine also causes your body to produce antibodies. Antibodies are chemical responses to anything that attacks your body, from bacteria and viruses to dust or pollen particles. When your body does not have enough histamine, particularly when you are dehydrated, you cannot shrug off the harmful effects of an allergen as effectively. This causes more allergic responses from your body because it is essentially under-defended.

Drink More Water

When you begin to feel an allergic reaction coming on, drink more water immediately. Even when you aren’t thirsty, begin each day by drinking a tall glass or two of water. Even if you aren’t doing anything which causes you to sweat, keep drinking water throughout the day. Over time, your allergic reactions will decrease considerably without having to take any pills.

Water is essential to the bodily processes that fight off allergies. While many people take pills, they can have better success by simply drinking more water. If you drink more water in your daily life, your allergies will begin to recede rapidly.

About the Author: Cody Moroney suffered from a wide variety of conditions, ranging from allergies to a candida overgrowth he had to seek the help of a formal candida specialist to find treatment options. He has found, through it all, that hydration is one of the best remedies out there for any condition!

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