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How to Tone Your Body Without Adding Bulk


Once and for all, you’d want to be able to give a sendoff party for one of your worst enemies: flab! It would be sheer bliss if one day, you can finally say goodbye to those upper arms which look like flags when you wave them about.

There are some fitness tips which can help you achieve a toned body without looking as if you’re competing for a bodybuilding title. Here’s how to tone your body without the unwanted bulk.

Lift Those Weights

You wouldn’t have to strain yourself with weights, because you’ll only need light weights. The key is in doing many repetitions. Your goal should be to do four or five sets of 15-20 reps each.

You’ll only need a couple of light dumbbells, and you’re good to go.

Do exercises which use your own body weight as resistance. Without any extra equipment, you can tone your body by doing push-ups, lunges, squats, and pull-ups. If you don’t feel like heading off for the gym in tight spandex, you can do these exercises in the comfort of your living room. Just be sure to keep the blinds drawn, just to stave off those nosy neighbors.

Stick to a Regular Cardio Schedule

Stick to a regular cardio schedule, most especially if you’re a bit overweight. Your toned muscles will never see the light of day underneath all that fat, so you have to continue burning those through cardio exercises. Slash down calories from your daily diet and burn as much calories as you can through regular cardio.

Pick a cardio workout which suits your fancy. It could be running, biking or swimming. Any exercise which will get your heart pumping is a good form of cardio.

Get into Pilates or Yoga

These are known for the muscle-toning effect they give to your body. If you regularly do these, you will develop a long and lean look. Cardio kickboxing is another excellent form of exercise which tones muscles without adding bulk.  Punching, kicking, jabbing and jumping all do an effective job.

Stretch Yourself

After every workout, do not forget to do some stretching. More than protecting your body from injury, stretching helps elongate your muscles.

Quit Smoking!

I know, I know, that’s easier to say than to do. I used to be a smoker as well. Here’s a way to do that: e-cigarettes! And here are a few Green Smoke Coupon Codes for you to save as well!

A combination of cardio exercises and resistance training will help tone your body without bulking up. With a toned body, you can still slip into that sexy black dress without looking over-the-top muscular. You can save the Incredible Bulk look for Halloween, thank you!

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  • Bodyworkslubbock

    Informative post! Adding to the tips: Eat a balanced diet, one must nourish his body to repair and build new muscle. There are also available foods which boost metabolism and helps body to burn extra calories even at rest.  Have a good massage, it tones the body and helps in good circulation of blood. Take a good rest, aim to get 7-8hrs of sleep.

  • Cellulite Burning Exercises

    There's some good information on this post!.

  • Personal training system

    Really refreshing I will definitly add those exercies to me classes. nice tips for keep healthy..

  • san antonio personal training

    Hi Jessy,
    Very informative post on how to tone our body without adding bulk and useful for me as joined gym 2 months before after losing some weight and want to tone body. I will keep these points under my hat while toning body.

  • Jamie Philipi

    You need to keep patience to lose weight. Like you said you need to stick to it. Nothing is going to happen over night you need to keep patience to lose weight.

  • Libertyville Health Club

    Losing weight is not a big task to do only if you'll follow a balanced diet plan regularly which include fruits,green veggies,low calories,low fats,low carbs food and drinks.Also drink green tea and do some cardio workouts.

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