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How to Stop Sickness Ruining the Trip of a Lifetime


Here are some great tips gleaned from doctors and medical experts around the globe to help prevent sickness when traveling. Following these general guidelines while on vacation can help you to stay active and healthy and enjoy your time away to the full.

No Hands, No Cookies

Always wash your hands before eating. In fact, to reduce your chances of getting ill while on vacation by 30 to 50 percent, wash your hands frequently whether you plan to grab a bite or not. Carry around an alcohol hand gel and squirt it generously. Buy hand gels with the word ‘sanitizer’ in the label because they come with an FDA-approved alcohol content that is 70 percent or greater.

Jet Well Soon

Jet lag can contribute to tiredness and a general feeling of being out of sorts when away from home. Each time zone you pass can take up to an entire day to adjust to completely. If you’ve gone halfway around the world, it can take a week before you feel great – a week of valuable vacation days that you’ve been looking forward to all year.

You can fool your internal clock into adjusting quicker by exposing yourself to light at certain hours or taking melatonin. If your travels have taken you eastward, get some good sun early in the day to help your body clock get the point. If you’ve set out toward the setting sun, get your sunlight in the evening. Three milligrams of melatonin can also help you adjust quickly especially when traveling eastward.

Picky Eater

Carefully select the foods you eat while abroad. The safest way to avoid becoming sick from something you’ve ingested is to only eat things that you have cooked, peeled, or washed. A thorough cooking will destroy most bacteria. Peeling off the outer layer of a fruit will expose the cleaner, safer inner surface. Be careful, when you wash food, to use water that is clean and free of bacteria.


Not only can a bad case of vacation-induced sunburn be a painful way to spend your off days, it can also increase your chances of skin cancer as the years pass. Apply a good layer of sunblock to your skin every couple of hours to avoid being burned. An SPF level of 30 is sufficient protection, and it’s important to reapply the sunblock at various times throughout the day.

Airplane Infection

Due to the recycled air, airplanes can be breeding and spreading grounds for the germs of any infected passenger. Keep yourself fully hydrated with plenty of water to keep your natural defenses high while flying. Turning on the overhead vent to provide a steady and soft stream of air to the front of your face can help to keep germs from floating into your orifices.

Pre-Travel Prep

Stock up on vitamins and minerals before your vacation, and make sure you have all your immunizations. Keeping your immune system running at its peak is one of the surest ways to prevent illness while traveling.

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