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How To Relax During The Holiday Season


The most inspired gifts take a lot of time and energy for shoppers to find. Between coordinating family schedules and visits, cooking and cleaning, and having kids home for the holidays, stress starts to mount. Give yourself inspired gifts for little or no cost with these five simple ways to relax during the holiday season.

Wash Away Stress

Soak your stresses away in the tub during the hectic holiday season. A relaxing bath or shower with scented candles and bath products soothes the soul. Treat yourself to bath inspired gifts such as fragrant shower gels or bath salts. Light scented candles while you unwind in the bathroom. Calming holiday scents include cinnamon, vanilla, ginger and lavender.


Escape to a quiet room for a few minutes of meditation. Light holiday inspired gifts to yourself, such as incense or scented candles. Close your eyes; focus on a universal mantra such as “Ohm” and momentarily get away from the holiday hubbub. For a change of pace, try meditating outdoors on a warm day. Let the scent of pine trees and the sound of rustling leaves take you to a higher plane. Breathe in the natural fragrance of the world around you and feel the stress melt away.


One of the most inspired gifts to yourself is a yoga mat. Check out a yoga class at your local library or community center. Visit a yoga center or buy a book showing the basic postures, formally referred to as asanas. 3After easing into the dog, cat, mountain and warrior, you’ll feel more relaxed when you return to the holiday duties at hand.

Flavor Savers

Have a comfort food or drink on hand to assuage those holiday blues. When the pace starts to exhaust you, sit down and feed your need. Herbal teas, flavored coffee and dark chocolate are examples of foods that put you in a positive mood. Include these inspired gifts in a basket just for you to tuck away and enjoy over the holiday season.

Go to the Spa

If you have the time and the dime, treat yourself to a spa excursion. Get a massage and feel the holiday stresses disappear. Have your nails and toes done to feel beautiful during the holiday season. Include inspired gifts such as reflexology or aromatherapy for completely relaxing experience.

Travel or Go Extreme

Changing something always helps to re-tune and relax. So go ahead! Go on a quick trip! Extreme sports like wakeboarding are awesome at helping you relax!

Most holiday inspired gifts to yourself do not have to be expensive or elaborate. Take time out for yourself so you can be at your best throughout the holiday season.

Maya Richards is a freelance writer working with The Life Divine who loves yoga and peaceful and inspired gifts (whatever form they may take). Her inspiration varies from day to day, but it’s usually the small kindnesses that strike her the most.

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    Holidays are the most happy and busiest time of the year. Find time to exercise even just for 30mins a day. As exercise gives a person more energy. Have a good sleep. Aim to have 7-8hrs sleep and eat well. Increase your vitamin C intake to prevent colds or flu during the cold season.

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    Have a acceptable sleep. Aim to accept 7-8hrs beddy-bye and eat well.
    Increase your vitamin C assimilation to anticipate colds or flu during
    the algid season.

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