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How to Measure Your Health


Most people dread going to the doctor and undergoing a physical check up. Most times, people prolong their agonies and only visit the doctor’s clinic when the symptoms worsen. However, when it comes to our health, one must be their own advocate.

It is important to pay attention to small warning signs that may indicate a bigger underlying health problem. And in any kind of illness, early intervention is important to a full recovery. Here are a few warning signs that might indicate that you may need a thorough medical check up with your physician.

Symptoms That Can Be Red Flags for Underlying Disease:

  • A warning sign of an underlying health problem is unintentional weight loss. More often than not, unintentional weight loss may be an indication of onset of cancer, thus it is very important to pay attention to it, especially if one has lost more than 10 pounds in the last six months. On the other hand, unexplained weight gain may also be a warning sign of a health problem.

  • Another warning sign is experiencing frequent abdominal pain or the feeling of being bloated or becoming full very quickly. It is important to take note of the frequency, location of the pain as well as the severity of the pain.

  • Some people may have sudden craving for ice cubes or only wish to drink fluids and water, and often loses appetite. Additionally, if a person experiences change in his sense of taste, this might be an indication of a serious illness and the person should seek immediate medical attention.

  • Additionally, if the person has unexplained bruises all over his body, this might also be a warning sign of illness such as leukaemia.

  • Another warning sign is the feeling of always being tired or feeling faint. He may also feel low in energy, loss of motivation and inability to focus. If a person experiences frequent headaches even after waking up in the morning, this might be a warning sign of a serious health condition.

  • If a person misses bowel movement, this might indicate a problem with his digestive system. Regular bowel movements should be daily.

  • There are also other factors that might increase the susceptibility of a person to illnesses. If a person is a smoker or living with a smoker, this may increase the chance for him to develop lung cancer. If a person lives a sedentary lifestyle and exercises less than ninety minutes a week, this also increases his risk to illnesses such as hypertension and heart problems.

These are just basic warning signs but can be a good gauge of a person’s health. One must pay attention to small warning signs so that further tests and diagnostics can be done in order to identify health conditions every before they worsen. Dismissing these small symptoms can prove to be very costly once the illness has become too severe which may later on cost one’s life. Furthermore, it is important to have regular check ups with your physician to prevent such illnesses.

Dean Nason, a contributing writer for Hive Health Media, is a nutrition expert and fitness enthusiast.  Dean enjoys writing about articles ranging from natural arthritis remedies to weight loss topics such as adipotide.

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