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How to Maintain a Fit and Strong and Slim Physique With Lifestyle Choices


Staying fit and healthy is not just a matter of going to the gym a few times a week, or of choosing not to eat a second chocolate biscuit after dinner. Rather if you really want to get into shape then you need to make sure that your whole lifestyle is conducive to burning calories and keeping them off.

If you can accomplish this then suddenly you don’t need to think about exercising because you are always exercising in a way, and as a result it becomes much easier to ensure that you stay in shape and that you don’t let it slip. By making a few small changes you can completely change your physique much more easily than you would by coming up with a new training program and struggling to stick to it. Here are some examples of what you can do to set yourself on the right track.


Join a Class

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There are many different fitness classes and other clubs that can help to improve your fitness and by joining these you can make getting into shape fun, while at the same time learning a new skill and giving yourself more social pressure to stay in shape. For instance then if you join something like a martial art then you will no doubt enjoy going and you will probably find that you end up meeting new friends there and not wanting to miss classes for that reason. This means you’ll be almost guaranteed to workout two days a week at least for about two hours probably and your bodyshape will be sure to improve. If you don’t go for a martial art then you can alternatively try something like ballroom dancing, football or whatever appeals to you.


The way you get to work or go to school or college is an opportunity to increase your fitness and your strength and this is something you should take full advantage of. Rather then than going to work by car or on the bus, try cycling there or even running. And if you already walk, or if you already cycle, then could you maybe take a tougher route that would provide you with more hills or more resistance and so build you up even stronger? If it’s too far to walk, could you just get off the train a stop early?

Participating in charity walks is another great option here!

And it’s not just the commute which provides this opportunity either – you can also jog to the shops instead of driving, or run up the stairs rather than taking the lift when you’re at work.

Manual Jobs

The job you do also has a big impact on your shape of course, and if you do a job lifting slabs of metal around then you’re going to be in much better shape than if you have a job sitting at a desk. Of course you aren’t going to give up a well paying job though because it’s not great for your waistline, but if it comes down to picking one of two jobs, then it can be a smart move to think about your physique as well when you make that choice.

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