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How To Lose Stomach Fat – By Eating Fat!


If you have the goal to lose stomach fat, one thing that you very likely are doing is really restricting back on the total amount of fat that you’re eating on a daily basis.  In fact, some of you may have adopted almost zero fat diets in the quest to lose stomach fat quickly.

But, is this really necessary?  Should you use a zero fat diet to help melt the fat off your belly?

Let’s take a look at the few reasons why you should consider adding fat back into your diet and why it will actually help you lose stomach fat rather than hinder you.

Greater Appetite Control

The first reason to add dietary fat back into your diet plan is because it’s going to really help you get control over your hunger.
For many people, they have no problem following a fat loss diet until those hunger pains set in.  Then, as soon as they are feeling strong feelings of hunger, all bets are off – they want to eat and they want to eat now!

If this describes you, fat is definitely going to work to your advantage.  By eating even five grams of dietary fat per meal you can really reduce how hungry you feel a few hours later.

Since fat takes so long to digest, it’ll prevent you from digging in the pantry looking for a quick snack shortly after each meal.

Steady Energy Levels

Second, the next reason to include dietary fat in your plan is because it’s going to help you maintain steadier energy levels.  When the goal is to lose stomach fat it’s going to be vital that you’re keeping up with your workouts on a daily basis and if you aren’t feeling completely drained of energy, that’s going to be a very difficult task to do.

Fortunately, if you take the time to include some healthy fats in your plan, you shouldn’t find this to be an issue.  Instead, you’ll have steady energy that fuels you throughout the day.

Helps Improve Insulin Sensitivity

Finally, the last reason why dietary fat should be part of any diet aimed to help you lose stomach fat is because it’s going to help improve your overall insulin sensitivity.  What this means is that after eating any of the carbohydrates that you do consume on your diet, your body will be able to deal with them better.

Rather than getting a very large blood sugar spike and then crash which makes you hungry for more carbs, your body will deal with them well and release them into the blood stream over a period of time.

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  • Fitness Supplements

    Mixed nuts, seeds, oily fish and natural oils are great choices!

  • Mbillerbeck48

    This is great news! I understand that eating excess fat is not going to help, but that by eating a low-carb, moderate fat diet, I can actually curb hunger and keep from spiking insulin levels, which messes with sugar levels.

  • Dallas J Reeves

    Out of the 3 major macronutrients (Protein, Carb, and Fat) – Protein actually has the highest thermogenic cost to the body (protein takes the most energy to break-down). The role of fat in dieting I would argue, is actually one of helping food taste at least somewhat good while cutting back on calories. But you are correct in regards to the insulin response of fat – it has basically no impact on serum insulin levels.

  • how to lose belly fat


    I think so, Its really best way guys for lossing belly fat.


  • Tummy tuck

    There are couple of weight watchers causes , In which they are added zero fats diets in their meal. But sounds interesting of adding some amount fat foods into our daily diets. 
    Tummy tuck

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  • Brisbane Osteo

    When it says fat it actually means “good fats” such as: avocado, mixed raw nuts and seeds, fish oils, coconut oil. All theses are good fats, and you only need a very small amount a day, like for a woman 15nuts/day, 1/2 or less avocado…not huge quantities. you can't sit down with a huge bag of nuts and eat it all. Stir frying meat and vegetables in coconut oil is a great healthy way of having some good fat in your diet.

  • Geoffrey Lelia

    I agree. Cutting down abruptly on something your body has been used to for a long time will do more harm than good. Gradually changing your dietary content would help better. Don't go on a full, zero-fat diet!

  • Adelaide gym

    We all know that losing weight is never easy. Oftentimes, we tend to do what our stomach tells us but at the back of our mind we really want to stop consuming this and that in order to live a healthy life. For me the number 1 key to succeed in losing weight is definitely to discipline yourself.

  • How to lose belly fat

    If you want to reduce your fat then you avoid some oils and fats such as fried foods, crackers, cakes and cookies. Diet pills are also reducing your fats and best thing is they do not have any kind of negative effect on your body.

  • Great Neck Health Center

    Hello friends!I think weight lifting is the best solution for the 
    weight loss and belly fat.Mostly young men using this way.
    Weight lifting very difficult exercise but you can get results

  • Ultra Slimming

    1) Paleo Diet2) Swimming for cardio3) HIIT with kettlebells for strength training
    These 3 work great for me!

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    Abdominal exercise is best way to lose belly fat. Cut your calories and increase your activity level.

  • lose belly fat

    I am totally agree with you that zero diet meal is not helpful to loose the belly fat. Instead of that you have to eat dietary fat that will control your hunger and may help you to get back in shape.

  • lower cholesterol naturally

    People always stay away from the fatty meals but here is the awesome information regarding that. Dietary fat is important to maintain your weight as well as loosing weight.

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