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  • on 22.04.2012
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How to Get Your Hair Back in Shape Quickly After the Gym


No matter what time of day you decide to visit the gym, you will always experience the same problem after your workout session has ended and that is…what can you possibly do to make your hair look at all half decent? 

If you decide to go to the gym in the morning or at lunchtime, then you face the struggle of making yourself look presentable for work. If you go after work, there’s the chance you might bump into someone on the way home, that you’d really rather didn’t see you with your sweaty, messy hair. Be assured that you are not alone in facing this problem and that you have a few options as to how to get your hair looking better after your workout.

Tie it up…

You need to ensure that your hair is tied up before you work out, either in a ponytail or in a plait, which is good for ensuring your hair doesn’t become all tangled. Tying it up means sweat has less chance of being absorbed by your hair. You can even wear a sweatband, which works twofold; firstly by keeping your hair tied back and secondly by absorbing the sweat.

It can be hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule, so if you’ve managed to fit in a gym session; you may not then have the time to spend shampooing, drying or straightening your hair afterwards. This can be tough for those who have spent a lot on their hair and understandably people can feel that they shouldn’t have to always have cheap haircuts just because they frequent the gym!

Dry off quickly…

There are a few different ways to ensure your hair doesn’t look dirty or greasy after the gym such as by using dry shampoo, which will refresh your hair and make sure that it smells good and importantly looks presentable too. You can also use a hairdryer, which will dry off any excess sweat and prevent grease from showing in your hair.

Keep the frizz at bay…

If you find that your hair is looking really drab after drying or using a dry shampoo, then try and fluff your hair up a bit by blow drying whilst your head is upside down, as this will add some volume. You can then add some spray or gel which will keep away the frizz, as well as adding some shine and the best thing is, all of this can be done quickly and the methods are very effective.

Scrunch your way to great looking hair…

However, if you really don’t have any time at all to spend on your hair, then you can always skip the blow drying part, instead quickly spray some dry shampoo on, tie your hair up in a messy bun, or scrunch your hair up so that it’s tousled, and you’re good to go. Be assured that people will just think that you’re exhibiting good hair fashion sense, whilst also envying the fact that you can go to gym, have a workout and still look make your hair look good!

Barbara Bodnar writes for Supercuts. She is also a trained hairdresser who follows celebrity hairstyles, is a confessed chatterbox and dreams of owning a Dodge Viper.

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