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  • on 06.05.2009
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How to Enjoy Your Keeping Fit


I figured that was a great idea to start this way listing most fun ways to keep fit because that’s the point of this resource: to show you how to enjoy your workouts and healthy life style.

So here we go: only those ways you will enjoy!

  1. Dance! I simply love dancing and I believe that’s a best workout ever invented. It is fun to learn new dance styles weekly or monthly to never get bored and I guess I need to list some cool ways to find new dancing tutorials online (good plan!).
  2. Go gardening! You get double benefit here: fresh air and exercise. And besides, you make this planet better by caring for its plants (OK, 3 benefits already);
  3. Go hiking: workout, plenty of fresh (traffic-free) air and new beautiful places every day – can’t wait when I have my vacation already!
  4. Try shell collecting: if you are with your significant one, this one is also romantic!
  5. Simply walk more. A good way to turn this one into fun is to take your camera with you and find new places daily where you think you can get amazing photos: urban scenes, people, nature, etc.
  6. Start traveling! Do you know that skiing, for example, is one of the greatest workouts you could ever dream of? Try  ski holidays for example and you are sure to see your general health and mood improve greatly after that experience.

There are many more of course but why not start with the simplest and most enjoyable ones? So no excuse for waiting any longer – just start your new fit life today!

Am I motivating? I hope I am :)

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  • Tk Hotstrings

    How to Lose Weight in a Week

    When I decided that I was going to lose weight I was lucky enough to come across Tips for Weight Loss Success (A quick read). I learned that you need to do at least 10 minutes of exercise a day, don't eat as much, get a lot of fiber, and drink plenty of water. But first you are going have to realize that you can't lose 60 pounds in a week. It is way unhealthy to try to do anything like that. However, it is possible to lose five to 10 pounds in a week.

    10 minutes of exercise a day

    This is not asking a lot. It is only 10 minutes! The reason I say this is because below you will see that I say you need to eat plenty of fiber. This is so you have a bowel movement more often and get rid of that other yucky fecal matter that is left in your body. But to do that you need to get your insides moving around. So either walk for 10 minutes, you some crunches for 10 minutes, or any other sort of exercise. This will also burn off some of those extra calories that you may be eating. If you want to lose fat in a week, then burn those fat cells that are ready to leave your body.

    Don't eat as much

    I am not saying starve yourself. Instead of eating a full plate of food, eat half a plate. Make sure you get three of these small meals a day. Since you want to lose weight in a week, this should help you burn fat quicker. This will keep her metabolism going and burn off the calories. It only slows your metabolism down if you eat one meal a day.

    Eat fiber

    Whether you eat more fiber or take a fiber supplement, this will make you get rid of all that extra fecal matter that's inside your body. It is said that your body can hold over 10 the 20 pounds of fecal matter. Get rid of it by eating more fiber. Getting rid of the extra fecal matter will allow you to lose weight in a week.

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  • Bobby

    Laughing make us healthy too…

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