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How To Create a Home Gym With a Difference


One of the most exciting and useful home improvement projects available to us is to build ourselves a gym. Using a home gym we then have the ability to train from the comfort of our home which of course has the effect of instantly ensuring we are more likely to work out when we’re tired or have had a long day and don’t fancy driving to the gym. At the same time when we create a home gym we are creating a space that will look very cool – filled with unusual looking machines – and that we can use as a place to get away from it all and work through any stress.

But when it comes to building home gyms many people will go with only a very obvious design and will focus on just having a room filled with benches and weights lying around. In other words the room tends to look just like any other gym, except not quite as impressive because of course we don’t have the same kind of funds for equipment as a gym that’s run by a business.

Here I’m going to propose a rather different kind of gym you can build in your home that will be much more unique and much more fun to use as well.

The Bodyweight Gym

For your homework before creating this gym I want you to go on YouTube and watch ‘Bartendaz’ or ‘Hannibal for King’. If you haven’t seen these videos before then prepare to be amazed by some truly incredible gymnastic feats as they swing and leap from bars and do handstands on playgrounds. Oh and they’re super ripped.

The point these guys make is that you don’t need to have any weights to get an amazing workout, and that actually a bar to hang off and your own bodyweight is probably more than enough. And at the same time it’s of course a lot more fun to do the monkey bars than it is to stand their curling dumbbells.

My suggestion then is to essentially build a climbing frame in the room of your house to become a fully functional bodyweight gym. It’s a unique idea and it’s something you won’t see in many other properties, but why not?

This will then allow you to do pull ups, muscle ups, hanging leg raises, hand stand press ups, plank, the iron cross and more and to build your body without ever needing to lift a weight. The result will be a highly functional strength and great weight-to-strength ratio. And because you’re using your own bodyweight which will get heavier as you train it will always be perfectly challenging for you.

How to Do It

There are several ways you can go about building such a gym. One is to simply call a company that constructs children’s playgrounds and let them know what you want and where you want it (of course you can have it in the garden if you want). Another option is to build this yourself using scaffolding or repurposing old pieces of metal (frames from bunk beds can become pull up bars and monkey bars while chairs without the bottoms and backs can become dipping stations). Alternatively you can even use 3D printing to design the station exactly how you want it and have it printed out appropriately – though here of course you risk losing a lot of money if you get it wrong.

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