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How To Construct Your Own Gym Equipment


If you want to get into great shape then having you own gym equipment rather than having to travel to the gym to workout is one of the very best ways to make sure that you put the time into your workouts and aren’t constantly making excuses. The reason for this is that by working out in the gym you force yourself to have to go outside – possibly in the rain or the cold – and this also means taking up more time as you have to add on the amount of time it takes to travel onto your workout time.

If you are someone who struggles with motivation then the thought of spending forty minutes travelling on top of your training, and going outside again after work can be enough to put you off.

But of course having your own gym equipment isn’t a luxury everyone can afford and a lot of the things you use in the gym are very heavy or very expensive. One solution then is to make your own gym equipment that you can use without breaking the bank and in the comfort of your home, and that will be perfectly tailored for your own routines and the parts you want to train most.

Additionally, if you make your own gym equipment this also has the significant advantage of being a fun DIY project and a great learning curve – and it impresses guests. So that’s the why, here’s the how…

Wobble Board: A wobble board is basically an unstable surface that you can use for doing press ups or squats and that will engage your core stabilizer muscles as you try to balance yourself and not fall over. The most simple way to make your own wobble board is simply to take a plank of wood and then to put a tennis ball underneath so that it rocks around when you put weight anywhere on it.

Dipping Station: A dipping station is basically a piece of equipment that allows you to suspend yourself with your hands so that you can then lower and raise yourself using pec and tricep strength (this is a dip). This is where some DIY skills will come in handy, and basically you will go about building this the same way that you would build a chair but without the bottom or the back. Make sure that it won’t give you splinters and test it with a load considerably heavier than you intend to use with it.

Finger Board: A finger board is basically a wooden board attached to a wall that you can use to do pull ups while hanging on with just your finger tips. This is of course very good for your finger tips and likewise for your forearm strength. Again test it before you trust it with your own weight.

Mace Ball: A mace ball is a relatively underground piece of training equipment that’s used to train the core muscle group again. To make one get an old bowling ball from a thrift store and drill a hole in it to insert a metal pipe. Now the idea is that you hold the end of the metal pipe and swing it around over your head in circles in order to work the stomach area and the arms – you can find a lot of videos on YouTube.

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