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  • on 11.07.2011
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How Mouth Guards Can Save You Money


You have heard the saying, “It takes money to make money.”  Well in this case, “It takes money to save money.”  Dental procedures are getting more expensive all the time, and the more you neglect the health of your teeth the more it is going to cost you in the future.  So how can a mouth guard really save you money?

By protecting your teeth from chipping and wearing down.  Whether you are an athlete or just someone who suffers from teeth grinding on a nightly basis, a mouth guard is designed to be comfortable and strong enough to protect your pearly whites.

The problem people have is that they buy the wrong mouth guard.  You should not wear a sports mouth guard if you have teeth grinding problems and you don’t wear a teeth grinding mouth guard if you are playing football.  Here are some key differences between the two.

A sports mouth guard is bigger and bulkier and is primarily made to protect the teeth from any outward impact.  It helps keep your teeth from getting cracked or breaking out completely because of en elbow to the face.  But they are not fun to wear around the house and you cannot talk in them too well either.  That is why you see basketball players taking them out to yell at a referee.  And if you try to sleep in a sports mouth guard you are just going to be frustrated as you will have some mucous problems.

Teeth grinding mouth guards are made to be as comfortable as possible.  With a custom made guard you can not only sleep in it, but you can also speak clearly with it in as well.  If you are a serious teeth grinder at night you should not try the cheap “boil-n-bite” guards as they are not very strong and will not very right either.  You can get these custom guards online so you don’t have to pay the extravagant prices at the dentist office.

By wearing these mouth guards you are able to keep your teeth healthy and free from cracks which cause sensitivity.  If you let your mouth go unprotected you will have to eventually pay for crowns or even extractions if the tooth has been worn down too much.

People who suffer with bruxism (teeth grinding) will often see their teeth getting shorter and shorter over time because their teeth are wearing against themselves all night long.  You will know if you are one of the many who have bruxism if you regularly wake up with a sore jaw, headache, or experience a lot of tooth sensitivity to hot and cold liquids.

It will cost some money to get a mouth guard, but it will end up saving you a lot of dentist bills in the future.  For the few dollars it costs to get your teeth protected, it just makes sense to make this investment.

Phillip is a writer for a teeth grinding mouth guards website that is dedicated to helping  people find custom mouth guards to help prevent the effects of bruxism.

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  • The Fastest Way To Lose Fat

    Nice article,
    As a long time combat sports enthusiast, I can verify the importance of mouthguards first hand. As a coach myself, I never let any of my students spar or even train heavily without wearing a mouthguard.

    Losing teeth is no fun at all (and as you pointed out, it can be very expensive)


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  • Dean Dacanay

    Cheerleaders could use some of these too, though it would be extremely difficult because they have to cheer once in a while. Maybe they could also have a specialized mouth guard, since a lot of accidents do happen when they do their stunts.

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