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How HCG Helps You to Lose Weight Naturally


Obesity has become a major pandemic in our society today. The increased consumption of unhealthy fast foods that are high in saturated fats and calories coupled with sedentary lifestyles have all contributed significantly to this growing problem.  Most of the developed and parts of the developing world are finding themselves locked in a helpless battle against this growing malaise.

Along with the increase in the disposable income of people, their appetites have also increased leading to excess weight gain. The problem of obesity has become so widespread that it has been branded as the scourge of the 21stcentury.

There is also a huge social stigma that obese people are subjected to. As a result overweight individuals are desperate to reduce their weight by resorting to run off the mill weight loss medication. However these methods are often ineffective and have been proven to cause damage to the body. There is however, an absolutely safe and healthy cure to beat the battle of the bulge.

HCG diet program

The HCG diet program is your all natural solution to the perennial problem of obesity. This miraculous weight loss program has achieved more than 50 years as an effective fat burner and is highly recommended the world over. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a hormone that is produced in the placenta of women during their pregnancy. The hormone is nature’s way of ensuring that the fetus of a pregnant woman is well nourished by breaking down all the fat in the woman’s body and converting it into energy.

The HCG diet program consists of a 42 day course. During this period of time dieters are recommended to go on a diet which restricts their daily calorie count to just 500 for the first phase and 1000 for the second phase. The dieters are also given daily doses of the hormone in the form of injections or orally with HCG drops. The HCG hormone immediately starts sending signals to the hypothalamus gland. This in turn burns up all the excess stored fat in the body and sends it into the bloodstream where it gets converted back to energy.

A synthesized version of the hormone known as Sublingual HCG is given to dieters these days. The weight loss is organic and users have not experienced any side effects till date. In fact the diet has become so popular that a whole clutch of celebrities have started raving about it. If you want a holistic and natural solution to your battle with obesity, you may want to try the HCG diet.

Chris Burns writes for HCG Diet Package, an online provider where people buy HCG diet drops and supplements. He is always looking to provide insightful information to anyone looking to lose weight naturally.

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  • Andreas

    This will end up in a jo-jo effect. Not to recommend.

  • HCG hormone

    The use of HCG hormone has produced a lot of positive reviews.  It is a great alternative to other weight loss programs.  HCG diet doesn't promise losing weight, it is what it does.

  • Jennifer@HCG Diet

    This diet program has its advantages in areas where other weight loss diets and programs appear to be seriously lacking.

  • hcg drops


    Its very useful article guys………………………….

  • Cheltenham Personal Trainer

    Hello all,
    very useful and info blog, i like this site …

  • Maitland Boxing

    Most of people use hcg diet to reduce their weight. 
    However, the hormone hasn't been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  to be used for controlling the weight gain or obesity.It is pregnancy hormone that is traditionally used to treat fertility issues.  

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